Friday, June 10, 2011

From Rushent with love (& dancing)

Achingly 80s - apparently this comp contains a super rare remix of Do or Die. Anyone have a copy..

Revisiting Martin Rushent's back catalogue following the sad news of his death, was something of a shock.  Aside from the League, I'd had no idea his fairy-dust was sprinkled so broadly over such a formative chunk of my building-block buys: The Rezillos, Buzzcocks, The Stranglers, Generation X,  XTC. Somehow I'd missed Martin's fingerprints across my collection, probably as these record were bought for the giddy rush of the song-and-the-sound rendered so perfectly together - not for studying the sleeve notes. Which, in it’s own way is a tribute to his skill as a producer - where the song, not the studio, is the star.

I'll leave the final words to Tronik who says everything so much better than I could ever hope to..

As a tribute, let's fire up a couple crafted from the Rushent back catalogue, where he applies gloss to new wave grit and acts as a home-grown Moroder to Sheffield electricians. Two tracks that are flip sides of similar styles: thudding back-beats, thunderous bass rumbles and heavy-level bleeps and squeaks

The Stranglers - Nice 'n' Sleazy

Human League - Hard Times (Love and Dancing version)

And some punky pop fun from the Buzzcocks..

The Martin Rushent discography is here


John Medd said...

Despite using Phil Wainman (best known for his production work with The Sweet) for their first two singles, Generation X turned to Rushent to twiddle the knobs for their eponymous long player. And what a barnstormer it was. He polished them just enough so that their raw energy remained in tact, whilst leaaving behind a body of work Idol and Co. would never better.

davyh said...

Tip-top punning blogpost title there Mond.

Music of our (hard)times, for sure.

Mondo said...

*makes note* I really must get that Gen X album..

Although the industry standard kite mark remains Davy

Ishouldbeworking said...

A fine body of work. No party in 1981 was complete without 'Methods of Dance' getting a spin. The backing track to some of my finest, and worst, nights.

Cocktails said...

I had never heard of him until this week. Now I realise that he is all over considerable parts of my record collection.

Nice tribute from Bob Lefsetz and his son here:

Mondo said...

Do you know I've seen it a ton of times, but never grabbed. It was always M.O.D and Urgh! A Music War that seemed to be hot comps of the time..

What a great piece - thanks for the tip Cocktails..

1001songs said...

Thanks for adding me to the your blogroll, Mond, and for your early support.
If you're ever in South georgia or the South Sandwich Islands please stop by

Mondo said...

Thanks chap! South Georgia and the Sandwich Islands - beats Southend and Canvey seafront!

darkdance said...

OMFG, I hadn't heard he'd passed. It's those damned blue cocktails over at Davy's that keep me behind the curve.

I met Mr. R. a couple times. I once kidded him about some of the bands he'd worked with, and he explained that recording rock bands was a bit like cooking casseroles from scratch. It doesn't matter what the ingredients taste like on their own; what matters is what the ingredients turn into when blended together and mixed well.

I have somewhere the cd reissue of the two "Methods Of Dance" LP's with the unabridged (from vinyl) "Do Or Die" dub version. Mr. R. loved cutting dubs--as you probably know, it was done by splicing magnetic tape in those days. 'Lemme know if you are still wanting that tune.

Mondo said...

I'd love a copy DD - do you have my addy details? Surprisingly Mr R wasn't behind XTC's Experiments in Dub - that was John Leckie

darkdance said...

Mondo D., I have your 'addy but it seems simpler to just post a link here for you and any and all to enjoy....

Do Or Die Dub

Are there any other mixes you've asked me for that I've forgotten? Sorry if so and ok to remind me now and then.

The old gits have been up to a bit of mischief o'er at Mick's. There's some songs you might like if you scroll down through the ongoing and ever entertaining banter here. Up to 46 comments and we're still riding with the wind in our face.