Tuesday, June 14, 2011

From that to this..

Back awhiles (two years) when we did our first couple of poddies round at his Piley's place, the techno setup was spectacularly ad-hoc.. with just one mic on the dangle. So in at the deep end then to be working a desk that looks staggeringly like Scotty's enegergizing gizmo re-patched with Colonel White style electrickery. This basement level boiler-house of a studio is where we fiddle with faders, jingles and PFL(?) buttons while pitching in a few tunes of a Tuesday evening, joined by our scrolling roll call of chums, companions, contributors and regular suggesterers.

Numbers was the theme of the week that was. Tonight, it's colours.  Drakey Girl, Dave P, GaryJohnny Medd  and many more have all chipped in with some fine and funky colour coded specials including...

Gary's shout

One of Drakey's

You can grab last week's run-out here if you fancy (we're on at 3 mins in) - or retune your ears and internet connections and come on over to S6 Radio tonight


John Medd said...

Break a leg tonight. I'm playing a few tunes in Wetwang tonight so won't catch it live, unfortunately - when do you get the Listen Again feature?! Here's a walloper for colours.

Mondo said...

No worries J, I'll mail you a link to the recorded version. Good shout on the tune, from a fine and funky album. And skimmingly close with the band - but more on that later.

Cocktails said...

Has it really been 2 years since the first podrophenia?!

I assume that you'll be giving that Coldplay song a swerve?

Hive45 said...

BIG HI from HIVE45! :)

Mondo said...

Well guessed Cocktails - norra chance of it..

Thanks H. I'm thinking of starting Blog of the Week from next week - we'll have to give you a honk if we do..

Thee Polyvinyl Craftsmen said...

Loved the show Tuseday, glad that all that pro kit doesn't make you sound any more polished!

Come over and check today's post - a spiky, punky, power-poppin' gem from The Thermals. It's Buzzcockalicious.