Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Get your motor running

As Piley and I head out on the highway, having a run out on the theme of Types of Transport. Edwyn Collins, Jack Hammer, Bo Diddley and an exclusive preview of a new tune from Dennis Hopper Choppers are onboard for the ride. Along with possible topics for some radio pitch and put including:

How many driving tests!
Strange vehicles you've ridden in.
Who to cast in a live action Wacky Races.
Favourite TV only transport: The Banana Splits buggies, the Pink Panther car, Thunderbirds hover jet-skis.

And some new additions to the Morrisey conga. Park yourself here from 9 for a ninety minute radio ride.

It's a re-up, but from four years back - I think we can swing that..

Wilson Pickett - Born to be Wild

For me the greatest pop video of the year. No Q! Good work Soundhog..

Davy your Transport/animal husbandry shout is still under discussion...


davyh said...

You made I laaaf

Mondo said...

It could happen Davy - you never know!

swiss adam said...

That Soundhog thing is ace. V groovy.

Mondo said...

Check this couple too Adam

davyh said...

I was out for beoz Up West; did The Wurzels make the playlist? I see from #totp they were number one this week in 1976. I could have dated it precisely (Wimbledon fortnight, Dartmouth Carnival, ooh arr ooh arr).

planet mondo said...
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Mondo said...

Soz. Ran out time and didn't get any suggestions in. Although next week is an all suggestions special. Animals being the theme