Friday, June 7, 2013

How in the name of Major Tom did Podrophenia become featured on David Bowie's official Facebook and Twitter pages

We are the D.Js, we are what we play.

There *are* three steps to heaven - God, Elvis and David Bowie. Although only one of them is still putting out new material

Last Sunday, Podrophenia placed a Converse-clad foot on the first step, as your Podrophonic pals were featured on David Bowie's official FB and Twitter pages *faints* - *faints again*

We've been told before by someone in the know that Podrophenia would be right up Bowie's street - and while broadcasting live last Thursday, as well as Mr Bowie net listening in - we discover one mystery listener in New York (it couldn't have been - could it?)

We've never been so chuffed. We're happy - hope you're happy too.

A huge thank you is due to the ol' Starman himself and the Grand Master of Bowie Net for their support and shouts - so why not zip on over and take a look here....or here . Then grab yourself the Podrophenia Bowie Special - a Ziggy Podcast you could say right here - or in iTunes

We've got five exclusive cover versions from Andy J Gallagher (and guests including Roman Jugg of The Damned ), Silvery, The Millipede Engine, The Wolfmen and Hannah, live Bowie covers from David Woodock (joined by Wendy Solomon for one) - and the first play of Eight Rounds Rapid new single - due soon on Podrophenia Records...

In fact why not pop on over to Millipede Engine HQ and grab their Bowie cover while it's online for a limited period

The Bowie Podrophenia Special can be streamed below or downloaded here

And if you haven't yet - grab the new album - it's all beauty, no beast


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