Friday, February 6, 2009

Funky Friday - Brass Monkeys

You can build a wall to stop people, but eventually, the music, it'll cross that wall. That's the beautiful thing about music - there's no defense against it. I mean look at Joshua and Jericho - made mincemeat of that joint. A few trumpets, you know? -Keith Richards

We've covered vocals, guitars, drums, keyboards and even a bit of bass - but so far, not a sniff of the ol' bugle tooters. I think it's Keef who holds the theory that over-amped electric, rhythm guitars were the beginning of the end for horn sections (in the same way synth's replicated, but never replaced strings) And in fact the 'Satisfaction' riff was originally heard - in his head anyway - as a riff written for horns..

Now as fine and funky as this selection of stompers is, they clearly wouldn't have the same weight or wallop without the brass giving it plenty o' honk

Barry Stoller - Funky Spider

Funky drums, even funkier hooting and a' tooting

Blood Sweat and Tears - Go Down Gambling

I think Boys Wonder may have re-riffed this guitar part for What Makes You So Good - which, I'm hoping Piley will get round to ripping and posting some day soonish

Fatback Band - Fatbacking

Please to lend an ear to the giddy fiddle fingering bass work, and the Zarathusa/2001 horns (a motif that was close to overuse during the seventies)

Otis Redding - Satisfaction
(with brass instead of guitars, and Duck Dunn's piledriving bass runs)

The riff was in essence not meant for the guitar. Otis Redding got it right when he later recorded it because it's actually a horn riff. I never thought that was song was commercial anyway. Shows how wrong you can be.
Keith Richards


lil said...

Otis Redding is Awesome…

(I love a bit of the “ol’ bugle tooters” as you nicely put it PM)

Planet Mondo said...

S'mad isn't - our two tots love 'Shake' from the Monterey set - it literally has them up, stomping and shouting SHAKE at the telly with Otis...have a peep here

BLTP said...

You can't imagine the otis songs without the brass, you have to add them when you are singing along
in what I'm calling playing "air horn"

Keith said...

I love Otis Redding. All these clips were great. Horns can definitely make a big difference on a tune. Have a great weekend. Cheers!

Davy H said...

You could build a whole blog around Keef quotes couldn't you?

Planet Mondo said...

BL - Air sax, it's all in the lip and thumb combo..

You can get the full Otis set via youtube Keith, it's well worth watching as is the Stax/Volt sixties Norway tour..

Davy - you have to read Victor Bokris's Keith biog' . It's a peach, absolutley captures what a naturally fine tuned piece of musical work he is. You'd imagine he bleeds crochets not corpuscles, after reading it.

Apparently he can work out the acoustics of a room, by simply clicking his fingers..

Simon said...

Brass always makes me come over all Julian Cope and wanting to sing "ba ba ba's"

Davy H said...

Bless his cotton socks.

Planet Mondo said...

Where did that early 80s sixties revival, and fondness for trumpets come from Simon? the Teardrops, Soft Cell (always Gary Barnacle doing the hooting) - and even The Damned Stranger On The Town - one of my fave ever songs. Give it a spin The Damned with a Motown beat and Memphis Horns

A monumental ledge Davy

Blank Stares & Cricketclaps said...

All these tracks are fantastic, thanks for putting them up, i wish parp-power was used a lot more in new music.

Keith said...

Hey Dave. I know you usually stop by both my blogs most days, but I do want to make sure you stop by my Dino Lounge blog on Monday. I gave your blog an award. Cheers!

Piley said...

Nice! Oh and spot on re the Boys Wonder rip... was gobsmacked when i first heard that BS&T track. Mind you, just about EVERY Boys Wonder track was a rip off of something!! You are right tho, must rip it n up it one of these days!


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