Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Covered Up

In me pit all cozy-like, that's where I'd like to be today. Tucked up and having a lazy lay in, perhaps nipping off to our favourite fry up merchants round the corner (fried egg sandwich and chips, is my favoured munch of the moment).

But the good people at C2C made sure the trains kept a-rollin', and the Fenchurch Flyer services were almost unaffected by any snowy closures or problems with 'points', 'signals', 'overhead lines' or any other train-tech talk..*cue quiet nashing of teeth*

So it'll be a virtual duvet day with these kooky covers acting as a wintery warmer

The Lion Sleeps Tonight - Brian Eno

I'm Partial To Your Abracadabra - Paul McCartney

I was very tempted to post Train Kept A-Rollin, but we've had enough rowdy rock 'n' roll racket recently..


Mick said...

What a brilliant midweek treat. Never heard either of these and they're both great.

Keith said...

We never get snow here in eastern North Carolina, but we did the other week. We are supposed to get more tomorrow. Right now it's cold and rainy. Yuck!

Planet Mondo said...

Mick, the Macca tune's a walloper isn't it, he really gives it some welly. I've never seen the appeal of 'Lion' as a tune, or why some many people have covered it - but had to include the Eno version for novelty value..

We don't get snow as often as we used to Keith, but the whole place locks up over a few inches of snow - Office Pest has caught the mood of it here ..

Piley said...

i've spotted a few slips n tumbles whilst out and about, so not all doom n gloom ;-)

Vincent the Soul Chef said...


Baltimore has seen a bit of snow too, but even for those of us who should be experienced, we still go into panic mode closing schools for a light dusting and all. In any event, please stay warm and safe and thanks as always for dropping by.

Peace and blessings.

Bob said...

If you're a regular on the Fenchurch Flyer you must live up somewhere near Leigh or Southend? I hail originally from Great Baddow but lived with my gran & grandad for a time on Bellevue Road in Southend. Still have family in Leigh, Southend, Westcliffe and Rochford.

Any chance of featuring some Southend talent? Procol Harum or Robin Trower?



Vancouver, Canada

Bob said...

And for totally different musical direction check out Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa's last stunt guitarist)...


Vancouver, Canada

Bob said...

Sorry PM that Robin Trower link was hooped.... brain fart on my part

Vancouver, Canada

Planet Mondo said...

I came close to having a few tumbles myself P, trotting to the station and back, perhaps I should have posted this (watch for the pic', used for the Sedtionaries Vive Le Rock tees at 00:20)or this instead..

We get a gentle covering here Vince, which melts in 2 days, but you should the local UK radio, they get in a right ol' twisteroo about it...

Thanks for the tips Bob, you're right location wise I get on at Chalkwell

I've got an idea for a 'local talent' post .. perhaps next week or week after - I used to live next door to Robin Trower in Hadleigh, we were neighbours for a couple of years, I was only 5 at the time though - living in Rayleigh, was the last I heard

BLTP said...

Pm: you could have swung "the old the train was running but I couldn't even get to the station at my end" excuse and got your mondo skates on down down the park for snow balling and deep wintry sighs. there's more comings o you cna try it next time " you need to use the phrase "we haven't seen a gritter round our way all week "

Planet Mondo said...

It wasn't so bad really BL, we were booted out at 1 (unlike some office horror stories I've heard), so sat round the woodburner in the garden getting drunk from 5ish - luvverly

Keith said...

Well, we ended up getting more snow. It's not as bad as the other week, but it's still snow. People around here definitely don't know what to do when it snows. We don't get it that often. I have to go to work this evening. Oh well.

By the way, not trying to spam your blog or anything. I definitely hope you'll stop by the Dino Lounge blog today and leave some comments on my latest post. It has to do with Sean "Diddy" Combs and his commercials for Ciroc Vodka. He used a Sinatra tune in one of them. I'm trying to expand the blog out some. Thanks. I appreciate your support.


Anonymous said...

Hello PM,
Just finished first pass at building my own music blog:

Please feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.


Vancouver, Canada

Planet Mondo said...

Bob have added your minty fresh blog to my blogroll..

office pest said...

oooh, thanks for the referral PM. Looking forward to more snow-mageddon this week!!

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