Friday, February 20, 2009

Funky Friday - The Hair Flare Bunch

I’m guesting over at Devil Dick's blog today with brand new bespoke mix - ’33 and a 3rd Eye’ - that scrapbooks heavy mod, rocking hippy and some swishy sounds of the underground into a 70 minute blitz of grooving guitar based goodies - there’s a taste test below – but the full fat version is available right here..

33 and a 3rd Eye trailer

Two tracks I couldn’t seem to squeeze in - and one that I could, form a trio of early doors appearances, and low key/in disguise numbers featuring some of rock’s heaviest-hitters..

Jeff Beck (with Rod Stewart and Ron Wood)- All Shook Up

And the Magical Mystery Tunage...

Who are the undercover rockers masquerading as The Murgatroyd Band and doing the Jenny Hanley anthem


Or the anon' artist lending some welly to this budget comp cover of..

Spirit In The Sky..

I know who the last two are - but do you????

If this a touch too crash, bang, wallop - and you fancy something lighter on it's feet - why not try the confessions of a's disco a go-go


Keith said...

Hey there. Wow! Some really cool tunes this Friday. I really love "Spirit in the Sky." That's always been a song I liked. I checked out your guest spot on that other blog and left some comments there. I do still want to get you to guest host at some point on one or the other of my blogs. I know we had talked about it. I guess just got to figure out when. Plus it would be cool to do a guest spot for you here. Have a great weekend. Cheers!

The Wolfmen said...
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Planet Mondo said...

Thanks Keith - do you know who it is on 'Spirit'? You'll be surprised..

Will mail via myspace about a guesty bit..

Vincent the Soul Chef said...

Thank you for the bonus hookup :)
Time for me to get the books opened and start studying.

Peace and blessings.

Simon said...

That's the spirit in the sky from the old Top Of The Pops albums. You can really recognise him on that. That's quite surprising when his vocals come in.

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks Vince, although the rowdy racket may jangle your nerves, rather than soothe your studies..

I think 'you-know-who' did a few other MFP type shesh's too as well as 'Spirit' Simon - did you ever hear Bowie's Penny Lane along the same sort of lines...with a great fake scouse accent on 'coostomer'

Devil Dick said...

what a double whammy!!!!

thanks so much for your contribution!!!!

the mix is off the charts!!!!!!

where are my flares and fringe jacket!!!!

kudos x 1 million!

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks DD - it's been a pleasure to unleash my inner rock monster..

Piley said...

Bloomin 'ell!! It's not the medics, it's not gareth gates, its not even fuzzbox!!!

Is that Reginald Kenneth Dwight???!

Top work fella


Planet Mondo said...

Well done P, it is Sir Elt'..And it's the Spencer Davis Group doing Magpie but going under the name The Murgatroyd Band (Muragtoyd being the nickname for the magpie used in the show's graphic )

Keith said...

I actually have no clue who it is doing "Spirit" there. I feel like I should know though.

Planet Mondo said...

It's Elton John Keith - he did several stints as session singer and pianist recording covers for cheapy comps before hitting it big..

Devil Dick said...

i burned this baby to disc and its been in the car player for days now non-stop!

Top notch!