Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lazy Sunday - Last Of The Winter Mixtures

Photo by Bleech - he's in today's Observer you know

So as this year's chill begins to fizzle, perhaps it's time to take a reflective look at that was the winter that was - by way of a mix that's perhaps more downtempo, frosted - and some may even stretch to bleak, than the usual mondo mania. With a collection of cool jewels and crystal melts, from mainly Northern European icy climes.. Get Carter(Newcastle), Serge, Yves Montand and Air (France) John Martyn (Scotland), Baltic Fleet (Liverpool) and Stina Nordenstam (Sweden) ...threaded together by a motif of movment and travel - which I'd like to claim was planned, but in truth, is entirely random...

Last Of The Winter Mixtures

Roy Budd - Carter Takes A Train
John Martyn - Smiling Stranger
Yves Montand - Pour Faire le Portrait d´un Oiseau
Serge Gainsbourg - Melody
Minnie Riperton - Take A Little Trip
Dennis Hoppers Choppers - Ballad Of Fu Manchu and The Red Bride
Harsh Reality - How Do You Feel
Money Mark - Cry
Gather Round Children - Yoko In Idaho (Sufjan Stevens and Beatles mashup)
The Beatles - Flying
Stina Nordenstam - On Falling
Air - Soldissimo
Ian Brown - F.E.A.R
Easy All Stars - Karma Police
Baltic Fleet - 48 Hour Drive (Boston)
Boards Of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy
Soundhog - The Doves Are Mine

Soundhog's booty of Brandy & Monica meet The Doves is a thing of such slow shifting pure beauty it really does deserve a solo posting..

Soundhog The Doves Are Mine


Simon said...

Nice little mix; a surprise treat on a Sunday. Strangely connected with a lot of stuff I'm listening to lately; for instance last night a gathering at a friend's place, drinking lots of red wine, listening to John Martyn, Serge, and some downbeat electronica. Although we did then put on the best of Two Tone and have a dance!

bleecher said...

great tunes to read the sundays papers too .... again and again and again =]

dickvandyke said...

Oh Mondo - you are a dear urbane chap with the warmth of a February sun.

Christ this Raspberry Sambuca's strong!

Planet Mondo said...

It must be something in the air Simon, I've been playing that tone of tune too. Also you and Bleech, being Weller fans watch out for the Harsh Reality track (from 1968), sounds like a template tune for The Modfather - and keep an ear out, on the Air track (that samples Nina Simone), for an early doors appearance of the All I Need riff at the end..

Bleech - perhaps page 18 of the Sport supplement for pics like these

I'm just to pop a Newky Brown DVD - If you fancy something warmer still - you can grab the Summer edition of Lazy Sunday here

Piley said...

Hey, you's gettin good at this lark!! Including Baltic Fleet was sneaky!


Keith said...

Wow! That was pretty cool. I really enjoyed that. I've been listening to a lot of soft and mellow music lately. This has been an especially cold winter here. We've even had snow which we don't usually get. That, the state of our economy, my dislike of my job and so forth, etc. has had me down this winter season. I've looked for music that fit my mood.

Anonymous said...

NIce selection once again, the Air track is really great and what about the Money Mark too - you're great man

Number 9 (vinyl addict!)

Planet Mondo said...

Baltic's are great P, did you see the debut gig at Metro? Stormer..

Thanks Keith - that sounds about the sum of it over here too. Hope the mix can help soothe the gloom in some small way..(you can always download a 'take away' copy via the live link above the embed - if you fancy a replay)

Number 9 - the Air tune is taken from Etienne de Crécy's excellent Super Discount album. Did you notice (as well a Nina Simone sample) the early doors appearance of the 'All I Need' guitar riff at the close..I must give MM's Keyboard Repair Shop album a full blast

lil said...

Lovely mix PM…

Beautiful photo!
Bleech is a talented photographer, isn’t he?

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks Lil, I was worried it may be a bit gloom and doom in a couple of parts..

He's definitley got the eye for it hasn't he - have you checked his flickr pages..?

PS is that new look you, one of yours?

lil said...

I have now!
Bleech has taken some amazing shots..
Love his portraits; I’m very tempted to commission him to take some of my family and me?
(I reckon Bleech would get K and I over our camera shyness in no time?)

P.S. It is one of mine; a very quick sketch of my favourite Cat…

Planet Mondo said...

You should ask him Lil, how would G, be about that though? Love the sketch..

Anonymous said...

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