Monday, October 12, 2009

Podrophenia 4 - Rock 'n' Roll Animals

The fourth Podrophenia is uncaged today with 'animals' being the theme. Sixty minutes of music and muddling where Piley and I release a few pet sounds - birds, cats, elephants and monkeys into the wild.

We've also got two special guest appearances with animal related tracks from..

Mr Martin Gordon - ex Sparks, Jet and Radio Stars, who introduces us to Elephantasy from his latest album Time Gentlemen Please

And Mr Chris Constantinou from The Wolfmen, who release their minty new single today Jackie, Is It My Birthday (a duet with Sinéad O'Connor). But for Podrophenia Chris gives us an exclusive blast of The Wolfmen's next single Cat Green Eyes

Amongst our usual rabbit and jabber , you'll hear which rocker we think looks like a crow crossbred with a chimney brush, celebs spotted in unlikely places, low-level rock 'n' roll memorials and rasher related randomness (the patron saint of bacon?) .

Podrophenia 4

Whoops - the stream is broken - but why not grab from iTunes above..

Or via iTunes if you prefer

Oh, and see if you can spot my Beatle themed theme technique behind the animals I've selected - the answer's here if you've given up..

No it's not Azlan from Narnia, Parsley The Lion, or even Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion!
It's Hamish Stuart from the Average White Band!


Davy H said...

Shurely that is Dougal from The Magic Roundabout having swallowed a sugar lump the wrong way?

Look at you on iTunes and all! Tchh!

Mondo said...

You're right, a frizzed up Dougal! The OGWT clip, this pic comes from is well worth a peep - for the funky shuffle of Put It Where You Want It - and to see the full flow 'fro

iTunes - it's a breeze to setup and not anywhere near as fancy as it sounds..

Axe Victim said...

What's with the iTunes Dave? Surely theres a copyright or PRS thing to be navigated? Anyway, another great fun Poddy. Rock on Woody!

Mondo said...

I whacked it on iTunes after a few requests for an IT download and yeah there probably are PRS issues, but would guess music blogs run a higher risk of being busted due to track and artist details being listed.

I'm not overly worried about net-police as..

A - were using generally obscure tunes
B - we're too low level to appear on any PRS radar.

And if the worst comes to worst we'll get a cease-and-desist before anything more serious..

Darren said...
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Darren said...

That picture of Hamish Stuart. One in the eye for all those out there who claim there's no such thing as a good looking Scotsman.

AVERAGE White Band? I'm guessing that guy wishes he was average looking. ;-)

(Exiled Glaswegian in NYC.)

Cocktails said...

Well, you know that I'm a fan so I don't need to tell you how much I enjoyed the podcast.

Here's a Halloween tune for you though - Monster in Black Tights by Screaming Lord Sutch. Well, maybe!

Coop said...

No way I'd let Martin Gordon babysit my guinea pigs!
Mondo, your VU sleeve reinterpretation is up at Sleevie Wonders as is my own banana based reply.
Anyone else fancy doing their own artistic remix of a fave record sleeve, come by and give it a go.

Mondo said...

Thanks for your bacon bits for the poddy Darren - genius find I think they call Hamish's colour 'Caribbean sunset' now..

Glad you liked the Wolfies track Cocktails - Monster In Black Tights hmmm - although it was on a great comp put together by Marco Wolfman.

I've got a few other ideas in development' Coops

Keith said...

That's so cool. I can't wait to listen to it. I'm going to check it out tomorrow. It's late night as I write this. I'm sure it's as awesome as the others.

Cocktails said...

Aha! I knew you'd have that CD Mondo. I do too - and I can't believe how much its selling for these days.

lil said...

Ooooh… Your podcast’s just get better n better PM.
FAB intro… FAB special guest spot… Fab tunes…
(luv the sooty & sweep pic too)

bitterandrew said...

Fine work all 'round, gents...and not just because I got a mention alongside one of my fave freakbeat cuts ever.

Mondo said...

Hope our Estuary accents don't cause too much confusement Keith.

Crazy prices Cocktails (like the Las Vegas Grind series)!Killer comp though, have you got the Biba and Granny Takes a trip ones too(more Marco comps) I missed out on those - PS think I may be able to sneak 'Monster' into the Halloween opening sequence

Thanks Lil - you'll find that Sooty and Sweep gadget on Clacton Pier..

Hey Hey BA - I remember you mentioning Bunny was an old fave when I first blogged it - so seemed appropriate to dedi that one to you and the legendaryHalloween Countdown PS you don't forget you can catch up on all previous Podropheniashere

Furtheron said...

no that is a hair cut to be proud of... :-)

Gabbi said...
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Gabbi said...

I heard a bit of the opening (and am downloading as I type this) but it already sounds like it's going to be amazing fun dear Mondo! :) I think it was the Tarzan sound... I also like the inspiration behind it. Can't wait to hear the songs you put in there.

Hope you've had a great weekend! Mine flew by...

Mondo said...

There's a bit of hair-theme developing F-Ron last post was mullets this one the ginger-fro. Perhaps comb-overs next?

Bless you Gabbi - I'll let you into a secret here's the breakdown of the intro..

'This Is Take 2' vox comes from a Beatles bootleg (and used as this was take 2 of the Podrophenia 4 )

Lennon's count in of 1 to 4 is taken from a Come Together bootleg (used as this is Podrophenia 4)

Then it's New York Dolls track - Stranded In The Jungle over the 70s Tarzan TV show theme

That's almost production that is!

And finally the Animal Magic theme overdubbed with chat about the show

Cocktails said...

The Biba and Granny Takes a Trip compilations are filed in the 'things I dearly wish I had bought at the time' file. argh!!

Coop said...

Just been out for a run and listened to the second half of Poddy 4, great stuff as usual. I've never listened to Crazy Horses on headphones before without any background noise, I didn't realise until today that The Osmonds got the lead singer of The Wurzels in to do the vocals. Unbelievable, go back and listen to it now and tell me I'm wrong!
By the way I've got an ace garage rock cover of Crazy Horses by The Mortals.

Mondo said...

Yes I know what you mean , just hope they go the same way as Le Beat Bespoke and Cherrystones comps which were nutty prices a few months back but have levelled off at a fiver.

Blimey o' Riley you're right Coops and it sounds like John Bon Jovi's got involved on the "what a show/there they go" bits

Gabbi said...

I like the insider skinny... thank you Mondo!!♥

Prancing Taff said...

Excellent stuff...gets better each time you Pod....

Mondo said...

The insider skinny - that would mag fab magazine title Gabbi

Thanks Taff - the Halloween one will be with you soonish too

Paul McDonald said...

Another fine podcast...these are great to do my drawing stuff to and my only grumble would be that you dont do them more regularly!! Keep it up sirs, keep it up!

Paul - Aged 39 and a bit, Basildon