Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lazy Sunday - Autumn Falls

Did you put your clocks back - and what are your plans for that extra hour? If you've nothing doing, lend an ear to one last blast of autumn colour by way of this homemade seasonal stew. A soft, smoky mellow blend harvested from autumnal acoustics, outtakes, alt.takes, oddities and obscurities. You could cosy up around a crackling fireside with a glass of something fruity to suit the tone of the tunes. Or perhaps stow it away red squirrel style for a splash of russet colur to brighten up the grey-day gloom of a bleak mid winter.

Autumn Falls

PS - the track list is in the comms to avoid being blog-whacked

PPS - In case you've missed them, the other seasonal Sunday sessions can be collected here : Winter, Spring and Summer


Mondo said...

Led Zeppelin - Bron-Yr-Aur
The Small Faces - The Autumn Stone
Humble Pie - Take Me Back
John Martyn - Bless The Weather (Take 4)
John Smith - Bones
Nick Drake - River Man
Magnet - Corn Riggs
T.Rex - Dove
David Bowie - Tired Of My Life (unreleased track)
Pink Floyd - Fat Old Sun
Gerry Rafferty - Long Way Round
Pete Townshend & Ronnie Lane - Annie
Bryan Ferry - Carrickfergus
Heads Hands & Feet - Song for Suzie
The Beatles - All Things Must Pass (demo)
The Faces - Debris
XTC - Harvest Festival

Simon said...

Apart from the Led Zep and Floyd - who I'm afraid I can't stand, and believe me I've tried - that's a great track list. Just the sort of stuff I've been listening to lately out here in the country!!!

Davy H said...

Lovely - I have indeed buried it in a secret place to uncover later, perhaps whilst I shove my roasties in the oven. Ta Mond!

Mondo said...

Know exactly what you mean about Floyd and Zep, Simon but this is the softer/folky side of both.

Roasties in the oven, lush! We're off to the all you can eat buff at the local Indian (as a hangover cure).

See if you both recognise the Bowie track this recording comes from 1970, but eventually ended up on Scar Monsters as It's No Game.

Oh, and Corn Riggs is from The Wicker Man

ally. said...

just the thing for a post brick lane indian sweet laden afternoon. although i'm sure a beard would help somehow. and definately a neckerchief. or is it kneckerchief? anyway one of those. and a collarless shirt.

Keith said...

That's awesome. Cool to see a Sunday post from you. I quite enjoyed it. Hope you've had a great weekend. I know you check out my blog posts anyway, but definitely make sure you check out my latest on S&S. I gave you an award.

Davy H said...

It were lovely stuff Mond, especially the opening suite and sequence from Rafferty on, especially the birdsong and flutterin'; tip-top autumnal o'boogie amigo, gracias.

The roasties were perfect - I sprinkled a little salt over after parboiling and before the oven; it makes all the difference.

Hope the cuzza ticked the boxes x

Ishouldbeworking said...

Lovely blend of mellow and melancholy, Mondo. Thanks. I used my extra hour this morning as additional recovery time from an atrocious hangover, the shameful result of a defiant 'bollocks to winter' Brighton pub crawl. Then I planted some bulbs, to remind myself that spring will eventually come, and now I'm off to roast a chicken and some tatties. I'll try that salt tip...

Mondo said...

Yes the Grandad shirt and frizzy beard look that Heads Hands & Feet have nailed Ally.

An award you're too kind Keith.

Bless you Davy, we tested the mix around the firepit last Sunday evening, worked a treat. I'm planning on a US/UK type combo for next year's.

I spent my extra last night drink rum at a mates house last night ISB, and have got the most intrusive hangover too . I might try a Hair of the dog tip later

Mondo said...

Oh and the cuzza was delish, but being all you can eat had to cap it at three platefuls

Piley said...

Hmmm, my 'extra hour' was nul and void, coz someone forgot to reset the clock in my young son!!! He just woke up an hour earlier than usual (but not before I'd gone ta bed an hour later... yawn...)

Not played the winter mix yet, but love, love LOVE that track listing!


Cocktails said...

What I did with the extra hour yesterday: slept and did house work.

What I should have done with it: switched on the computer and discovered this. We made chutney in the afternoon and it would have gone with your play list perfectly.

BLTP said...

PM: nice one PM speaking as some one with collarless short and some stubble it's perfect(I Haven't had a knecker since I was a scout!). You should get some epic 45 tunes if you've not already there new lp is winging it from staffordshire (it takes awhile they are that sort of a band!)

Mondo said...

Thought It would be your sort of thing P.

Would you believe I've been on something of a chutney buzz lately Cocktails (eaten with crisps and cheese)

Epic 45 are going in the winter mixture BLTP. I'm all for them, they're like a UK Boards of Canada.

Anonymous said...

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