Wednesday, October 28, 2009


One autumnal number I'd been hoping to place in last Sunday's Autumn Falls mix was Humble Pie's Wrist Job. An oddly titled outtake from As Safe As Yesterday Is. A performance rumbling along on a slow-shifting tidal swell of heavy Hammond, roof-raising gospel vocals and one runaway bass, all of which come crashing together in heady perfection between 3:00 and 3:30

As much as I love the track, it's just too, well, potent and powerful to sit alongside the soft footfall required for last Sunday's mix.

Humble Pie - Wrist Job

However, a Wrist Job-lite can be traced back to a track from Steve Marriot's previous band The Small Faces, where it had an instrumental run out under the title of The Pig's Trotters.

The Small Faces - The Pig's Trotters

Oh, and the tweety-bird samples bookending Autumn Falls come from this and this.


Keith said...

I love both of those tunes. You can tell a similar sound in both. Definitely some cool songs. Never heard either of them before. They hit the spot this morning.

lil said...

I like “The Pig’s Trotters” Instrumental, cool name!

Mondo said...

They are fairly obscure Keith - but I've been giving them a heavy hammering lately..

The Small Faces have made some mighty instrumentals Lil. The Picanniny, Wide Eyed Girl On The Wall, The Collibosher - I really must post some more..