Friday, October 30, 2009

Freaky Friday - Podroscreamia

A grab-bag of ghoulish goodies feature in the Halloween Podcast from Piley and I. Local tales of terror from chilling urban myths to Essex hauntings, Southend werewolves to estuary based vampirism (did you know Dracula was an Essex boy – yes really!) Along with some recommended reads, fright night viewing and a playlist summoning up Nina Simone, Donovan, The King and a mystery band in their pre-glam period .

Oh and after being truly spooked by an electrical failure (two
actually, I’ve found out since) thanks to that Eno/Byrne track, I forgot to credit Alma Cogan's Snakes and Snails, a Love Potion Number 9 meets Fortune Teller type stomper.

So draw the curtains, light the candles, form a circle and grab hands to make contact with our late night whisperings

Repeat after me... 'It’s only a podcast! It’s only a podcast!'

Podrophenia 5 - Halloween Special

Or on evil iTunes

Don't forget ghouls and gals last year's Halloween Mondo Mania Mix can be grabbed here

Variants cards are available at the Cobwebbed Room
or see the full set here


Cocktails said...

Good to see that at least a bit of 'Monster in Black Tights' made it in there!

Ishouldbeworking said...

"Last night the werewolf, a 43-year old builder from Southend, was in a mental hospital."

I can't stop laughing

Mondo said...

Yes, managed to work a snip of 'Monster' in any ideas where the opening 'howl' comes from though?

I think a video interview with him is available online if you fancy the full gory story!

PS you both get mentions in the poddy

Keith said...

Wow. Great post for Halloween. I can't wait to check out that show. I hope you will have a very fun Halloween. Watch out for those ghouls and goblins out there!

Cocktails said...

No, I'm not particularly strong on identifying howls and screaming! Where is it from?

Mondo said...

Thanks Keith hope you enjoy those mixes I mailed you..

Here you go it's lifted from this. Don't know If I told Piley that actually.

Cocktails said...

Ah, right! So I've actually heard it loads of times!

Stephanie said...

Wow, love the video. I love Vincent Price he was such a great actor. I found my love for him back in high school by watching House on Haunted Hill, House of Wax and the Bat. Love him. :) Cheers, and have a great Halloween. :)

Axe said...

Nice one Mondo baby. There's a shout out to you and the missus on my Axe FM Radio Download Hour Haloween Spedial over on AXE FM that's right mate. Enjoy!

Mondo said...

There you go Cocktails, I should have used a bit more really with that "And in the death..." monologue. Oh well always next year.

I've never seen those Stephanie, have you checked Theatre OF Blood a fab piece of Vincent Price campery..

Hey hey Axey me and Piley held mini seance for your blog while recording the poddy. Knock once for yes, twice for no - all we got was the AXE FM ident booming in our ear 'oles. Good to see you back matey.

Gabbi said...

I've just finished downloading it now and I have to tell you that I was seriously looking forward to it! The beginning is such fun... I love the mad and spooky mix and hearing yours and Piley's credit! Such a treat, thank you for sharing! Also, I almost posted a bit on 'American Werewolf in London' and the classic scene with 'Bad Moon' playing!

Happy a frightful Halloween dear Mondo!! :^)

ally. said...

cheers dears - this and davy's peel treat sorted the weekend's listening out good and proper.

and just in case you fancy it that eddie pillar's doing the carnaby street xmas lights open air disco thing on the 10th. 6 till 9.

Mondo said...

American Werewolf is an overlooked classic Gabbi. Although I've seen the follow up and thanks for your kind comments.

That Carnaby things sounds properly funky Ally. I'm in.

D. said...

oh halloween bummer! Missed out on the linked 'cast. Sounds great just from the teaser, though.