Thursday, May 17, 2007

Myspace Mania

It’s been a week since I set up my Myspace site
and I can’t believe I didn’t do it years ago.

As far as the net goes I’ve been quite ahead of the game with most things Amazon, Ebay, dodgy sites for downloading music - I’ve been doing them all for years. So I don’t understand how Myspace slipped off the radar and has been a black hole in my cyberspace for so long

Like all the best web ideas – It’s completely democratic and a great leveler. whether you’re the biggest act in the world or a happy amateur like me, everyone has to strip it down to the same set format of 1 page and 4 songs (how you tweak, customize and put some fairy dust on the format is down to you). And like Ebay’s feedback system, the Myspace add friend idea is genius. It frames the context of your music and gives a bit of added celeb endorsed sparkle at the same time.

Already in the last week, my tracks have had more play, I’ve had more add requests and approvals than I would ever have expected.

Who needs stressy soundchecks, lugging amps around and mumblers at the bar while you’re trying to tear it up on stage for a handful of people. When anyone on the planet with a PC can be your audience 24 hours a day?

I’ve already got the buzz to get a second one up and running for my acoustic stuff, - Mellow Mondo

Watch this cyberspace for more info

Friday, May 11, 2007

21st Century Splashdown

After reading my mate Marmites marvellous blog at

I've been all inspired and have decided to blast off a blog from Planet Mondo - plus in the last couple of weeks I feel like I’ve finally landed in the 21st century;

I've set up a Myspace site

Been downloading podcasts.

I’ve started this blog.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not new to the net - far from it. I've been surfing sites, bidding on bits, and downloading music for years. But It’s not the same as owning your own piece of cyberspace to polish, tweak and tinker with.

I’m not sure how this blog will shape up yet, or what I’ll be babbling on about but I imagine it’ll probably based around music related bits and bobs - albums, books, gigs, and guitars

Anyway if you do have 10 minutes to spare why not click here and check out some of my tunes.