Friday, March 28, 2014

Podrophenia: Dial E for Easy Listening. Dial P for Podcast

The latest Podrophenia podcast is now up for download. Wherein we bring you, not *one* - but TWO world exclusives from Eight Rounds Rapid - an album track and an SFOB session recording

Reveal how to get involved with the new Lee Brilleaux biog... Bring you up to speed with the Eye-bombing phenomenon, splain what's On The Buzzes - and tell all about why SFOB George (6 foot 6 and robustly bearded) was shopping for dresses.

Get all the answers, plus a playlist of fine and funky tunes - from within the The Podrophenia Easy Listening Collection below in any format you like




Thursday, March 20, 2014

Radio Podrophenia: The World of Easy Listening

Slip into your leisure slacks, dust down your satin smoking jacket - pour something long and clinky from the drinks cabinet, and let Podrophenia soothe you with two hours of tunes as we make our March return with an Easy Listening special...

It's a theme chosen by Alan McPhail. Expect a few new spins on some cheesier artists, and lesser known nuggets by lounge-core lovelies from Piley and self: safari suited singers getting on the good foot, country twangers going funky, divas doing disco - and a Northern Soul cover that out-stomps the original...

All this and a universally exclusive airing of an Eight Round Rapid track from the due-soon album. Slink your way to Ship Full of Bombs from 8 pm tonight or chip in with the chat hereabouts 

One on the sub's bench  Hugo Strasser's Schlager take on the Sabb's

Friday, March 14, 2014

Podrophenia's Top Ten Cover Versions....

Earlier in the week, Piley and I were very kindly asked by our local (and award winning) newspaper The Echo to pick a pocketful of covers for the Top Ten feature which gets a regular run-out in Wednesday's Scene supplement.

It's a tough call distilling down a fizzing list of possible plays to just five a piece. But we pulled it off and the final countdown is presented below. One to five are mine, six to ten - Piley's

If you fancy checking the reviews, relevant vids and lending your ears for a listen - beam yourself here... 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Vive Le Rocking

The minty new edition of that most Rock 'n' Roll of magazines is now on sale at all in-the-know newsagents and records shops..

Vive Le Rock ish seventeen brings you up to date with all the latest news from punk, rock and new wave heavy-hitters. The Stranglers, Adam Ant, and Marc Almond interviewed by Friend of the PM Blog - Barry Cain.. You can catch a second part of the Marc interview on Barry's always excellent Flexipop! blog here

As well as Sid vicious, the Stones and Wilko features  there's an update on what's a popping with our pals The Mutants mentioned last in the summer of '13

Contributions from me include reviews of newbies from Nightmare Boyzzz and The Peckham Cowboys re-issues by Daniel Ash and The Damned's Tikki Nightmare DVD/CD combo, a spitfire set with one of my cherished Damned tunes - at their most psych-poppily splendid..