Thursday, December 17, 2020

Word in Your Attic. David Hepworth, Mark Ellen and M'self have a collective natter going from Abbey Road to Zodiac Mindwarp

One of the earliest entries on this blog involved Batman 222 wherein the Caped Crusader investigates a 'Paul is Dead' type mystery - September 2007 to carbon date the actual post.. A few weeks later it appeared in Word mag' ish 56, after a very generous offer from Mark Ellen to write 250 words on it...

Fast forward 13 years and a fantasticus chat was had with David and Mark for a birthday treat. 
In forty five mins, we cover: rock stars in unlikely places - comics. football programmes, Rod Temperton's dodgy toplines. The sky-high value of collectable comics. 

My Radio 1 calendar/diary, with odd singles bought during this period, and tales including - Radio Luxembourg Roadshow comes to Southend - with  m'self and pals getting  drunk on crate of Crocodillo I won doing the pop quiz.  Naked neighbors displaying. Dressing up as KISS at the School Arts Festival... and of course records bought 

 You can grab full timeline of diaries here 

And risk Rod Temperton doing Rock With You below 


To Westcliff-on-Sea where our celebrating patron offers highly entertaining memories of the "white stiletto crowd" at the Lacey Lady in Ilford, the Fickle Pickle Folk Club in Southend, a 'Paul Is Dead' Batman comic, Toni Basil's effect on a Bowie sleeve, Petula Clark, Sex Pistols ads, a Goofy Greats compilation and the Ladykillers at the Pink Toothbrush ("Altamont meets the Muppet Show") - and we play Southend Stackwaddy and guess the psychedelic album that starts with a foghorn.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Our Debut Tune is out now: Buskr - Back in this Place

What started as a lockdown hobby-project - became, after a few months  mixing and muddling with beats, bleeps, instruments - and the addition of Missus Jo vocals - twelve tracks of lo-fi vibes ... yacht-hop and trip-pop, by a duo called Buskr

Debut single Back in this Place with it's music-for-moomins vibe is out now..  Janice Long gave us our first needle-time on BBC Radio Wales - you can listen or DL the single here 

For some background chat, you can catch us on BBC Upload 

Or hear it announced as Track of the Week on BBC Introducing