Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wilde Boy - Tony Curtis RIP

It may sound strange, but Tony Curtis as Danny Wilde in The Persuaders was one of my earliest heroes and influences. It was the snappy chat and fancy togs that did it. I begged mum to get me a pair of kiddie driving gloves: velcro straps and knuckle cut-outs, some pretend leather trousers (beige the same colour seen here) and a yellow and blue suede suit as part of my Danny Wilde dressing-up gear.

The magic's still there. We spotted a Persuaders Ferrari Dino in the local Broadway a couple of weeks ago - I'm no petrol-head, but what a moment, the ol' ticker went up a gear instantly.

Anyway enough of my ol' guff and nonsense - let's raise glass for Bernard Schwartz. Another legend lost...

Killer Wattz - The Persuaders

Check the gloves....

There's a fine and dandy Persuaders blog here - if you fancy a peep

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dear Diary - September

Now then, now then - what have we here: bats at Hadleigh Castle (1st), Ouija boards by night (4th) a runaway (again) chum (14th) beer making (15th) and Cooke's slap-up pie and mash on a trip to nan's (22nd): update F.Cooke is now Shanghai

If you've seen Oil City Confidential (if you haven't seen it you must) you'll notice selected interviews take place against a backdrop of ancient rubble and ruins - that's Hadleigh Castle. A playground for local tots, teens and tear-aways through the ages. Captured by John Constable in 1829, the view from the castle to Canvey can be seen at 11 seconds in below...

The runaway friend (also hospitalised last month - a long story), spent a week's stretch in some rat-run of a squat, where, he was propositioned by the then headmaster from Grange Hill (pre-Bridgette the Midget era).

On a chirpier note, the wristband ordered last month arrived as well as my Goons Flexidisc (19th). If you were a Radio Luxembourg listener in '79, you may remember the Goons adverts for 'Binkleys Bonk'. The entire collection was rendered to flexi - I won't share the complete catalogue with you, just a couple for now. September's charts were topped by Sir Cliff, although my buys were...

UK Subs - Tomorrow's Girls

The Ruts - Something That I Said

The Goons Barclays Bank flexi-extracts 1

Goons Barclays Bank flexi-extracts 2

The Southerner an obscure John Steinbeck style depression era drama caught late one night and never forgotten is viewable here. You'll also notice the sick day is marked with a tick - more on that next month...

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Village Green Preservation Society (DMCA bods please note this post contains no Kinks tunes - it's just the name of a local festival 'Village Green' - see below!)

Phill Jupitus, Block (head)rocking Chalkwell Park last year
Tomorrow sees the third Village Green Arts Festival pitching up in Chalkwell park. A one day free event bulking up from 5000 festival go-ers in it's first year, to a borough-busting 20,000 in 09. And with the word of mouth buzz still spinning from last year - I'd expect to see that total topped this Saturday..
The tone of the day is a park-sized, polite picnic with tents and events: comedy, films and kiddy bits - soundtracked by live music from the main stage. Almost a louder, large-scale companion to the Leigh Folk Festival, wrapping up with a sensible 10pm turn in.
Home-grown talent always adds some local muscle to the bill. The Blockheads, Billy Bragg and Phill Jupitus for '09, and Snowboy and the Latin Section, The Famous Potataoes and The Dirty Fairies for '10
Grockles a go-go on the lineup include Carlene Anderson, Carter USM's Jim Bob and ex-Beta Band and Aliens man - Steve Mason whose set is top of my to-do list, having been looping his Boys Outside album for the last couple of months.

If only Wilco or Eddie and The Hot Rods to could be tempted to take the stage while the sunsets over Oil City for next year, that would be something truly special for us seasiders..

In the Teepee Tent with Billy Bragg - yes I am in here somewhere, and in the clip below
Lineup, maps and directions are available here

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Everybody Talk about - Pub Musik

The annual booze based tear-up billed as the Sad Lads CD Swap, will be upon us soon(ish). A two-part pub do where CDs of newbie bits compiled by Piley, Marmite, Coops, E F Rice, Jack Gestures, Paul Glasses, myself and others are swapped in November and reprised by an end of year re-meet for evening's nattering about our year's best beats and bobs. The rules are straight forward: see E F's regulations footnoting this post.

My '09 selection box was weighted with 80% vintage bits. This year it's possibly 70/30 in favour of new tunes. Dipping through a year's listening, highlights how many oddities and offcuts remain unblogged and lingering on the sub's bench. Blitzen Trapper are a premium example. On heavy rotation at home or out and about - but not a peep to be seen in my (award winning) cyberspace scrapbook..

Blitzen Trapper - Fire & Fast Bullets

Blitzen Trapper - Saturday Nite

Just one Blitzen bit will be making the final cut - I'm not sure which yet, but once my compo's finalised I may clonk a Ltd Edt mix in the blog

Them's The Rules....

1. Circulate to everyone a CD no longer than 80 minutes in length, containing tracks for new groups you have either got into for the first time this year or established artists you have perhaps picked up an old track/album for this year.

2. You may have more than one track for an artist on the CD (although 80 mins of Springsteen would be pushing it)

3. You supply all those taking part with a CD including a full track listing. The CDs will be circulated on a date in early November down The **** (date will be decided nearer the time).

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dear Diary - August

Summer's here and the time is right for caravanning in Weymouth. Through the medium of stealthy net detection, I've discovered the Pebble Bank Caravan Park was where my cousins and I pitched up for a week. Although mum and dad had the good sense to lodge at a local B & B, avoiding the sound of early morning boots, boots, boots marching up and down again from the army camp next door. But what a week: windy beaches, a Radio One Roadshow and a trip to the pic's for Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (can you believe TV premiers were ever cinematic attractions?) Followed by a week in Codford St Mary.

I don't know if you remember, but the BBC ran a Spaghetti Western season over this summer, so slumbersome early morning paper runs (no, it didn't last) were made easier by pretending to be The Paperboy With No Name.

Planet Punk finally and firmly pulled me into it's dayglo grip with a studded wristband ordered (20th) possibly from the catalogue (2nd), a My Way TV special (27th) featuring Sid Vish and three Pistols album picked up in one month (16th and 25th) along with these singles ...

Dick I chavvy it's a Mudtown slusher

Sham 69 - Hersham Boys

The Specials - Gangsters

But it's not all noisy boy anthems - peeping through August's charts unearthed Bill Lovelady's forgotten guilty pleasure from the summer of '79

Monday, September 13, 2010

Podrophenia 10 - Originals Uncovered

He's written two garage classics, but who is he and what are they - find out in Podrophenia

Elvis, Madonna, Bowie and Blondie are just some of the glittering legends and heavy-hitters NOT appearing in the latest edition of Podrophenia. But pod-pickers, listen in and lend an ear as Piley and I lay bare, unwrap and unearth the low-level source material supplying these high flyers with smash hit songs and singles. All is revealed in Podrophenia 10. Along with Piley's tale of a tooth-brightening, eye-widening electric enema.

Podrophenia 10 (DL link is at the bottom of the page)

Or try via iTunes

With only five tunes a'piece something had to give, so Superstar got the 11th hour bounce from my Podrophenia playlist. Mainly famous as a Carpenters classic (with retweaked lyrics sleep with you swapped for be with you) the original versh can be found tucked away on Delaney and Bonnie B Side - a gorgeous serving of blue-eyed soul.

Delaney and Bonnie - Groupie (Superstar)

Cher's affair is more of a stoner-rock spin on the theme.

Cher - Superstar

PS The album I mention but forget to name is here..

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dear Diary - July

Picking up where we left off then - what news does July bring?

Days off, larks with French Bangers and beach trips. But the terrifying highlight (fright-light?) takes place at the Rayleigh fair (21st - check the doodle) with a spin on a madly mysterious ride that I've never seen since.

How can you describe it? Imagine church pew seating, suspended garden swing style from a supporting frame. Position this inside a giant octagonal tombola cover of alternating coloured panels. As the communal seat is pulled back, the cover is spun fowards, creating a whirling illusion of increasingly, hight-tilting seats - until the angle begins to feel impossibly steep.

It may sound simple but it's a ride of such eye-widening, giddy terror that I've never forgotten it. Neither I'll bet have bleached jeans and bull-necked boneheads or spikes 'n' studs punks in the front pews who screamed like piglets and flung themselves to the floor as an escape from tumbling into the 'void'

I've found out it's something based on the haunted swing principle, a ride that seems to have slipped out of circulation since.

Chart-wise July looked like this (Thom Pace though - who he?) with singles snapped up being...

So what shall we spin? How about something punk(ish) and something disco(ish) as that seems be the mood of the month. Aged 13, clocking Sid Vicous riding about in a motorbike jacket, no helmet, no shirt and padlock 'n' studs bling was possibly the coolest thing I'd ever seen. Ps it's a Rabbit padlock available here if you're tempted

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Before They Were Famous

After a summer break, Piley and I are finally getting back to some semi-serious podding about tonight, selecting songs themed around: obscure originals made famous as covers. Plenty to choose from, but only ten tunes can make the final playlist. Hey Joe had been one of my five, until another garage nugg' popped into play giving it the bounce.

The Leaves - Hey Joe

I wouldn't be surprised to discover, Bowie being the Artful Dodger of pop that he is, cribbed some Leave's riffery to underpin this early doors Dame ditty

P.S. Suggestions and guesses are always welcome

Friday, September 3, 2010

Postcards from Walmington

After chowing down a minimum of two Dad's Army episodes per night, how could we not detour off to Walmington on Sea Thetford on the way home from our north Norfolk jaunt. So what's to spot...

Nether Row (renamed Percy Street in the show): pops up frequently in Walmington street shots, including the corking but rarely repeated missing-knickers episode Man Hunt.

Three raw recruits raring to sign up for the Walmington Home Guard

Thetford Guildhall (Walmington Town Hall): the Time on My Hands episode (or The German Pilot Trapped on the Clock Tower One to give it it's full title) is centred almost entirely on the 19th century clocktower..

You'll also find Mill Lane, perhaps Thetford's most viewed road seen during the closing moments of The Deadly Attachment (or The 'Don't tell him, Pike!'One to give it it's full title), The Bell Inn - lodgings for the cast during location work, also used for the opening shots of the debut episode. All these, the Dad's Army Museum and plenty more Walmington backdrops are all doable and viewable within a one hour wander..

We would have factored in a trip to the Bressingham Steam Museum if we'd known of the gold contained therein. But that's another trip for another time...

Who Do You Think You Are Kidding, Mr Hitler? - Bud Flanagan

It's the rare version pop-pickers - see if you can spot the extra lyrics ?

Wild Billy Childish and The Blackhands - Who Do You Think You Are Kidding, Mr Hitler?

PS - thanks to John Medd for the title inspiration