Saturday, February 15, 2020

Podrophenia We heart rock 'n' roll:

We heart rock 'n' roll: buckle up Pod-bods as Matthew Boulter, Mark Lancaster and m'self head out on the highway for a road trip through all territories of R.O.C.K..

From Nu-Metal to Neil Young, from Mogwai to Masters of Reality and from Sabbath with Rick Wakeman to Whitesnake tipping their mighty mullets to Motown. We also bring you Metallic classics rendered to digitized 8 bit and your birthstone/zodiac band names…

Mercury Monkey 
Bloodstone Horse 
Azurite Rabbit 
The Ruby Snake 
Ruby Rooster 
Irön Rät,

Plus thanks to Matt Boulter's excavation expertize we find hidden treasures stashed within a Whitesnake sleeve..

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