Friday, March 30, 2012

New York here we come. Back in 7 days....

Perhaps it sounds daft - but, I've been on an electrical nutty buzz for New York ever since seeing Roy Castle trumpeting a Record Breakers New York special - (around 74-ish) which, fanfared it's arrival by way of the Bernstein tune below. The scale, the scope and giddy-swirl of this sparkling zippy city, beamed mid-week(probably halfday closing too) into a compressed Essex maisonette, birthed a  nutty buzz that became compounded by Kojak's opening titles, the Batman TV series, endless re-reads of  Spider-Man/Marvel ..and of course Taxi Driver, Saturday Night Fever, Bowery-based punk and on and on and on.

A List/itinerary has been heavily prepared for our trip. It includes Top of the Rock (photo above), Empire State, Grand Central Station, SoHo, West Village, the Highline, Central Park, Brooklyn and, an infinite list of deli's, bagel bars and pizza places...

So, I'll see you in seven days or thereabouts and leave you with last Tuesday's Podrophenia, featuring a live acoustic session from special guest and former The Shopkeeper Appeared artist - Andy J Gallagher..

  Podrophenia J - with Andy J Gallagher

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

J is for...

Jellyfish, Brian James, Jimi Hendrix and Joe Bataan - are just a few of the Js given a Podrophonic rinse and spin (at 33 and 45rpm) on our regular Tuesday night knockabout.

Joe Bataan – Chick-A-Boom

As well as the playlist of tracks and tunes above - we're joined by special guest and local legend Andy J Gallagher for a live music session. Which allows us to bag a bonus J - as Andy's album Helicopter Dolphin Submarine was produced by Roman Jugg...

We're live from 9 so redirect your internet radios in the direction of Chance from 21:00 hours

Friday, March 23, 2012

And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth...

Pop Culture Quiz:  

Which pop star once worked for Marvel UK?

Who was the light entertainment star that, before becoming a comedian - began his career as a comics illustrator

Why do so many super villains favour purple and green duds?

Which actual American legends were Iron Man/Tony Stark and Green Lanter/Hal Jordan modelled on?

Why is it, that only the handful of married superheroes are those with the ability to extend body parts to extraordinary lengths - or vibrate at super speed?

Find the answers to these and other comicana conundrums in the Podrophenia - Superheroes:Treasury Edition. Although I forgot to chip in my Stan Lee story - when Smilin' Stan said 'Hi guys'  to Mrs M, the Mini Ms and myself........

Radio Podrophenia - Superheroes

As Mark Millar wrote in Turf 'The word is Ferd' - comics, capes, cowls and superdoings generally - have become such big business and multi industry money-spinners, that the suits are now faking nerd. Ferds...

Although for Piley and I, as well as our guests Paul Range Dye and Simon Monk we wear our 'Sing If You're Glad to be Geek' badges with pride.In fact we may very well be pinning them on lapels and suchlike as we gather together tonight, along with some of the Podrophenia panel (Marmite, Phil Hubbs, Dan) for a viewing of Simon's Secret Identities exhibition hosted at Pouch of Douglas,

If you're local-ish, why not whizz your way over to take in the full glory of Simon's spectacular artworks from 7 tonight..

Simon Monk documentary....
Simon Monk Secret Identity from Christopher Harrup on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Biff, Bam, Kapow

Photo's by Paul Hughes

Phew! Worra heaving evening was had by all at Saturday's Railway shindig - a shakedown, a tear up, a roof quaking, leg shaking, stompzilla of a gig. Where, by 9:30 the pub was rammed to capacity, and admission was capped at a one in/one out basis. Incredible! Bif, Bam Pow - blitzed though the winners and hits. The Len Price 3 did 45 minutes of short, sharp (suited) mod rockers : think The Ramones meet The Kinks by way of The Who…

Followed by two hours of tuney doings spun by Piley and myself. A no-wave set where anything was winged into the improv' playlist - TV Themes (Eurotrash, Grandstand), Bowie, Beatles booty remixes and covers, foreign language editions (a latin Hit the Road Jack)......

And a real treat to see so many members of the Podrophenia Panel making their way down to join us. Drakey, Mike, Phil, Martin, Reado Jnr, Pouch of Douglas, Coops, Maxwell

A huge salute is due to Steve Retroman and Fi Jacobs (and all at The Railway) for making this a full on wingdinger of a do. If you're a Facebooker pop over thus and have a peep at the rollcall of characters out and about with us .....

But on to tonight's business - this week's edition of Podrophenia comes fitted around the theme of Superheroes and sees us joined in the basement by the spectacularly talented Simon Monk, whose latest exhibition - Secret Idenities is on show at The Pouch of Douglas, Southend, running until the 23rd of March..

'Peter Parker' by Simon Monk: it's a painting not a photo - honest!

Two tunes for Tuesday: One which is on the bill and one which is on the subs bench - but you'll  have to tune from 9 for the full reveal of what's in and what's out...

The Other Brothers - Hole in the Wall


Friday, March 16, 2012

Live Tomorrow Night : The Len Price 3 and the Podr O'Phenia Roadshow

So what are your plans for St Patrick's Day - if the answer's nothing really/not sure/no idea - then shuffle yourself in the general direction of Southend's swingingest venue The Railway Hotel for an evening that promises to be an all out ring-a-ding shindig. And all free too!

Why? Well, local modernists Bif Bam Pow are opening the bill, Medway modernists the Len Price 3 are headlining it - and in between and around 'n' about the bands Piley and I will be bumbling about pulling plums and peaches from within the Podrophenia Record Library

I can't tell you what's on the playlist, as we don't know what's on the playlist - but will thumb a guess that it's likely to be pop-up parade of mod-rockers, soul stompers, jump blues, blue beat, funky covers, northern nuggets, garage a go-go and assorted obscurities and oddities.... Who knows we may even sling in a jingle or two
The Sonic Executive Sessions - Podrophenia jingle

Whether you're a grockel or a local  - why not come and keep us company and shake yourself a Podrophonic leg while taking in these two top rocking bands! We'd love to see you there!

Pssst - this is a shoo-in for my Soul Stompers run

Wooden Nickels - Nobody But You

You can taste the Len Price 3 and a possible playlist tune ( a TV theme given a twist - literally) in last Tuesday's Radio Podrophenia

Radio Podrophenia - Jobs

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Job Centered

Big jobs, little jobs - first jobs and worst jobs are on the menu for tonight's Radio Podrophenia, as Piley and I act as your career advisers and roll out occupational options such as Taxmen, Painters, Engineers and Sailors onto our Tuesday night playlist.

If you're about swing by Chance Radio from 9, we'd love to hear from you. If you missed last week's Boys and Girls edition fill your goody bag below

Radio Podrophenia - Boys and Girls

One that's parked up on the subs bench 

Bow Wow Wow - W.O.R.K (12")

And expect to hear this salty leg shaker from Len Price 3 - who will be tearing it up at Southend's Railway Hotel this coming Saturday - with us, dabbing about with discs between the bands..

Friday, March 9, 2012

Funky Friday - Sitting on the Soul Step

One for the Surprisingly Funky file that had a run out on Tuedsay's Podrophonic doings was Gene Pitney's supremely stompy She's a Heartbreaker - all northern beats, swooping strings and electric sitar. And I do love an electric sitar...

It fits the riffs and runs of unexpected  thumpers we've pulled from the Podrophenia Record Library in  proceeding weeks, pacy takes from those you may not expect to step out on such a stealthily good foot - light entertainment bods that we've now sat on the Soul Step: Russ Abbott (on drums), Peters and Lee , Bruce Forsyth, and Cliff Richard,

Gene Pitney - She's a Heartbreaker

For an alt.trim on the track lend an ear to Dave Hunters shindig

Dave Hunter - She's A Heartbreaker

Most of these - quite possibly all of these, will be popped onto the playlist when Piley and I are dabbing about with the decks for the Len Price 3 gig, at The Railway next Saturday - which is a FREE!! gig...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Return to Gender

Shocky Horror Show: white lace, see through pants - for him and for her

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, men and women - is the musical motif for tonight's Podrophonic runout. Unisex, drugs and rock and Roll you could say

I'll be opening with this Jet/Beatles bootleg - but expect The Wolfmen and a mystery northern soul vocalist - along with the usual natter and banter from Piley and the other one. We're live from 9 at Chance Radio

If you missed last week's Leap Year Special, fill your booties below

Radio Podrophenia - Leap Year

A couple from the sub's bench......

Forgotten post Jellyfish flower-power poppers Imperial Drag..


The 'lost' new look League single ...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Davy Jones' Rocker

£8.49 this cost me back in the eighties!

Sad news the death of Davy Jones, the pocket sized pop star and tambourine banger in *the* Best Boy Band - ever. I can't better John Robb's piece - so I'll remember him with a repost... 

RIP another legend lost

I've been on something of a Monkees buzz after reading this recent trigger from BLTP. Although I really can't understand why it's taken me almost two years to log some Monkee magic in the blog.

Retrospectively the amount of sniffery and snears directed towards The Monkees as they took their place in sixties pop society, seems almost hard to believe now given the quality of the catalogue, the pedigree of their legacy and the roll call of heavy-hitters happy to sit in with them - Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper, Neil Diamond Goffin/King. Oh, and then there's Brixton's David Jones having to rebrand himself as David Bowie to avoid any confusement

And Stepping Stone later being re-punked by the Sex Pistols - not bad for a band originally pegged as pop-puppets .

Listen To The Band
A funky little number with a fake ending..

For Pete's Sake
A tune occasionally used as a show-closer

Mary Mary - The Strangers
I only realised this was written by Mike Nesmith while looking at the label last week. As much as I love The Monk's version, this slightly thumpier rework just pips the original for me

You can grab an mp3 of Paperback Believer right here