Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday night is music night (and day)

For this evening's Radio Podrophenia - Piley and I are chipping in with tunes fitted around the theme of Night and Day.. Plenty of options and variations to pick from vintage bits from The Kinks, Lee Moses and Hugo Strasser with new tunes from Brit-pop revivalists Viva Brother and heavy level funkage from Kings Go Forth.  It all kicks off from nine tonight.

If you've missed any back issues most of the Radio Podrophenia editions are now on iTunes, with a gallery of the goings on viewable at Piley's place.

A couple of nearly but not quites for tonight are....

Quickie pop quiz. What (or who) is the connection between these two tunes? 

Friday, August 26, 2011

A week on the world's most expensive sand dune..

Being parked up in Sandbanks for seven days.... what was meant to be a week of Purbeck bumbles, stumbles and strolls, turned out to be mostly a run of beach-bumming: crabbing (blennies and Crabzilla vs Mega-shrimp), boat trips or just splashing about a bit.

Although it's all gone super swanky since the last time we were down that way. Sandbanks and it's surrounding suburbs seem to have been rebuilt with Jetsons-go-Graceland mansions - swank-pad second homes for the multi-minted set apparently. Average price - four mill'! New builds badged and branded with futurist titles: Bowie, Moonraker and Thunderbird (below).. 

Then there's your eye-boggling Sunseeker yachts for the ultra-loaded (think Bond villain chic) pulling out of Poole harbour. Handily we were pitched up just literally 2 mins from the beach, ye olde chain ferry and the site of Mimi Lennons former house. Perhaps why Liam Gallagher was spotted there in May then..

In keeping with the Tracy Island scenery, while we were buzzing or bumming about the 'Monte Carlo of the UK'  the Album of the outing turned out to be Devo's Something For Everybody - the infectious rising intro riff of Don't Shoot hooking its way into all our heads (see also March On)

Devo - Don't Shoot (I'm a Man)

And worra contrast! One evening - chips on Bournemouth prom and the most sky-blazing sunset ever seen, followed by driving through door-high flash floods the next morning...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

C Words

Is the the theme for Tonight's Radio Podrophenia as we roll out the third installment of the Podrophonic Alphabet: The Charlatans, The Creation, Cat's Eyes and either Chubby Checker or Czech singer (Marta Kubisová) are just a few of the tunes possibly getting pitched and putted onto this evening's playlist at the all new Chance Radio  from 9 tonight

Let's keep 'em crossed the internet forum for comms and chippings-in is fixed in time for this week's radio run out. We've had some thumping suggestions for other C songs (all clean too). Clarence Carter, The Cramps, Steve Cropper.. And the blue-eyed soul of Chris Clarke is on the subs bench, although I'm fidgingtly  tempted to do a last minute switcheroo and just chip The Castaways in...

The Castaways - Liar Liar


Perhaps we'll dedicate tonight's outing to Jerry Leiber 1933 – 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Fantastic 4s: four go mild in Dorset and four years of bloggery....

Pop Quiz: Which Beatles Aunt relocated here ?

After a week on the lounge-a-bout at home, we're down to Dorset for a few days, on the Purbeck peninsula above to be exact. Brownsea Island, Dancing ledge, Studland Bay are all on the to do list - but any holiday hints and tips (or pubs) are aways welcome..

While we're zipping around and about doing The Only Way is Wessex, this online musical allotment breaks the four year blog-barrier..so to celebrate I've laid on a couple of musical buffets..Summer Shakedown volumes 1 and 2..(3 and 4 are here and here).

So, I'll see you for more of the usual in a week and bit. Or thereabouts..

Summer Shakedown volume 1

Summer Shakedown volume 2

Tracklists for both are in the comms...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We have lift off: set the Controls for the Heart of the Song

As Radio Podrophenia goes into Skylab mode, getting on the intergalactic good foot and jaunting about on the theme of Space...

Tom Jones. Air, Devo and Spizz are beamed onto my playlist. Along with a children's show cast from Star Wars characters, and inevitably, Star Wars cast from a Saturday morning kids show.....

Dock with us at Mission Control on Chance Radio tonight at 9 for the full fat breakdown of interstellar overdrivers.  A nearly but not quite recruit was Star Trek's Nicholle Nicols...


Friday, August 5, 2011

Of all the CD's I've bought in the last week...

25 in total (not pictured:  this from Amazon, this from HMV), the one that's really got a lock on my lugs and is by far funkiest is - Tru Thoughts Funk. Bottom picture, middle left. Having said that I haven't managed to play and plough through the rest properly yet. But with a two week stretch out due soon - that's a whole load of listening time sorted.

So one from each bundle then...

Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators - A Perfect Kind of Love (Lack of Afro Re-Funk)

Cazal's: see vid below

And this little bundle were bagged for half the stickered price

The Bamboos - Step It Up

The Cazals: price - one earth pound, and as played on Radio Podrophenia last Tuesday

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fly(er)ing Tonight at Rough Trade

Coops and Coops Jr at Rough Trade

From today, Visual Vitriol pitches up around and about Brick Lane way - Rough Trade East to be exact. A usually US based display of punk and new wave flyers, time-lining from the late 70s to mid 80s, collected together by David Ensminger. This expo, it's first London installation, is curated by friend of the PM blog, fellow blogger, podcaster and neighbour o' mine Paul Coops..

Visual Vitriol runs from the 2nd-31st August. so hoof your boots eastwards and grab an eyeful of the good stuff, which includes this angry mob gathered together amongst the gallery of Xerox-copied cut and paste promo....

The Damned, The Cramps, Nirvana, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Adicts, Toy Dolls, Subhumans, Joy Division, The Fall, Conflict, UK Subs, Bad Religion, Plasmatics, Suicidal Tendencies, Dickies, Angelic Upstarts, Discharge, NOFX, GBH, Adverts, Cortinas, 999, Slaughter & the Dogs, Slits, The Boys, Germs and Weirdos

Although keep your peepers peeled and you may even spot an ad' for one of my old band's Pink Toothbrush gigs...(it's in the pic above!)

By coincidence, tonight's Radio Podrophenia comes fitted around similar riffs and rockers - teen rebellion , youth cults or music and movements you could say - being the theme. Excepting any last minute switcheroos, expect to hear: Acid Jazzers doing NWOBHM, new bands covering Blitz-kid tunes and some tracks hand-picked for us by experts in their respective fields - Paolo Hewitt (mod), David Quantick (indie/goth)and Marco Pirroni (glam)..

We Have Moved: what was S6 is now Chance. So you'll find Piley and myself setting up our radio base camp hereabouts from 9 tonight

A tune that fits the mood of the doings is All The Young Dudes. Rather than chip in Mott the Hoops cover - how about this Bowie-boot versh of The Dame's original recording. Alt-stereo mix and speed adjusted apparently

David Bowie - All The Young Dudes (Stereo Alt Mix At Correct Speed)

All the dates and details can be grabbed from the Rough Trade site