Friday, July 17, 2020

Buskr Beats - Milk Wood: Dylanesque lo-fi hip-hop from my upcoming album....

During these strange days, I've been busying about making a lo-fi hip-hop album (of all the things) - several tracks are still being tweaked and tinkered with - but a handful are ready to ship out and share...

If hip hop instrumentals, lo-fi beats or night vibes and suchlike are your sorta scene, I'd be infinitely grateful if you'd lend a listening ear below, to the first tune I've upped since ye ancient days of Myspace

The track is inspired by the ghostly opening notes and tones of Stan Tracey's Starless and Bible Black (of all the things) from a jazz tribute to Under Milk Wood. A piece I was introduced to through David Hepworth's Essential classics - during a trip to the Welsh borders in 2017. Tracey's stately chords have been haunting me since first listen -  the only way to shake them off was to create something of a similar riff.

Quinn Martin style Epilogue: through the digital rummage sale that is eBay I managed to bag a repress of Stan Tracey's album for a third of the going market rate due to a misspelling  - 'Stan Tracy' having blind-eyed if from the usual searches

Salutes due to Wilko Wilkinson for the use of his artwork of amazingness

Friday, July 3, 2020

Podrophenia 11th Anniversary - Power Popping

Celebrating Podrophenia's 11th anniversary Piley, Steven Hastings and Mondo bring you a cake baked entirely from unrelenting power-pop classics. 15 slices of angst-free (© Lord Hastings) uplifting/downstroking smokers.

There's a musical quiz - Popomatic or Diplomatic (is the name either a muso or a ministerial bod)..

And behold as Gary Mills of Vix20 beams in to choose some tunes and give us a fantastical acoustical session.. Dig in and download here... 



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