Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Planet Mondo Annual 2014

It's the annual Sadlads CD swap tonight, and my contribution -volume Five (we started back in 2010 with this) of the Planet Mondo annual brings you my favourite finds of 2014, threading together new nuggets and vintage discoveries. Although this is possibly the most contemporary-heavy set to date. Soul, funk, electro and power-mod and acoustic tunes are all in the mix. Along with a solid spread of Southenders: Wilko Johnson, Howling Black Soul, M G Boulter, West Weston & Martin McNeill and The Ends

And behold - two PM exclusives from Dave Woodcock, and Steve Weston with Martin McNeill - live in session versions of unreleased tracks.

It's yours to grab/stream  below

The Planet Mondo Annual 2014

A couple that I just didn't have space to squeeze in were ...

Friday, December 19, 2014

My Top Five from 2014....

An annual tradtition at Vive Le Rock HQ is the writers' Top Fives of the year. No surprises from me really - as these are names getting mutiple mentions on the blog, podcast and various scribblings and mags for the last four years...

Dig around the back pages and you'll also find reviews from for  Marriot and Lane's Magic Mijits and The Quireboys

In case you have hadn't had the chance to check out any of the above - dig in below....

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Saturday Night Tweeter - Happy Holidays in The Sun (aka Jehoovers Witness)

So, sitting in the kitchen of a Saturday evening with a few scoops, a few tunes, and thumbing through Facebook updates - I stumble across this picture of a local electrical shop (Sales Appliances, Westcliff) by Sam McDonagh, and, within a blink, share Sam's shot on the Twitter. Which, at the time - seemed to be probably the most flat-line time to repost, with bods either being out and about, or tucked up indoors for cozier doings

I couldn't have been more wrong - a few clicks of the clock later, and notification alerts were pinging in by the second.. comments , responses and retweets. By Sunday and with a run of Celtic flavored names commenting on the picture, noticed the story had been picked up by The Daily Edge in Ireland... 

Monday saw usvsth3m feature my pictures (now with added a stable and star) and an interview with the shop owners. Shortly after that - The Poke The Scotsmen were on it,  BBC local  and BBC national

By Monday evening and nearly 3,500 RTs and 300,000 views of Sam's original picture later - London paper The Metro were checking in on our festive chums. And today sees the Essex Chronicle The Huffington Post ,Charlie BrookerCaitlan Moran  - and The Sun spotlighting the nativity scene  (with self and Mrs M reflected in the window)

I wouldn't normally endorse anything to do with the shadowy world of  Murky Murdoch - but as the picture supports a local electrical business, was originally shot by Sam from Argosy Toys and most importantly the display is in aid of HARP - Southend's Homeless Charity -  that pretty much seems to sum up the essence of Christmas to me.

As a festive epilogue, why not donate to HARP hereabouts 

New testimonials...... from the Daily Mirror (top) and Metro. - shouts on Chris Evans breakfast show, the Express and ITV News and local paper The Echo confirms Henry is viral:official

Today's #nationalanthem is about a Henry Hoover Nativity Scene in a shop window. Can you think of a song? The link: http://t.co/gYdZdVUAvH

Friday the 12th - Henry makes HIGNFY...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Radio Podrophenia - Duets edition. Now up for download

It’s a fully loaded edition for the last Podrophenia of 2014 (theme: couples, team-ups, duets)

In the folk and acoustic corner: a suite and sweep of five songs from the fantasticus Matt Boulter – three newbies getting exclusively aired for the first time hereabouts. So freshly pressed one track is still untitled…

In the effing and jeffing corner: Sadie Hasler with tales of her TV and festival work, book news and background on her award laden newspaper column. Plus a surreal reveal on Mount Rushmore…

Quotes from this edition include .. ‘

'You wouldn't get me doing that into a kettle’ ‘Squinting through a different eye’ ‘he had the biggest tomatoes I’d ever eaten’ But who said what – find out below…

Download here

Or via iTunes..

And behold the Rattus edition cushions from Paisley Power

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Podrophenia: team-ups...

It's an evening of double billed wins tonight on Podrophenia as we're joined by award winning columnist and comedienne Sadie Hasler along with local folksy bloke M G Boulter...

We'll be getting the lowdon on Sadies scribblings and some live music from Matt's solo album The Water or The Wave..

The usual playlist of Podrophonic picks will be threading together:

Old-jazzers swinging with punks,
Old punks accompanying Hammond jazzers
Hip-hoppers rapping with ex Pistols
Bollywood legends with Wolfmen

All this and James from The Ends working the desk - and will Piley make it back from Warwickshire in time before we go live on air....

All live from 8PM on Ship Full of Bombs

Friday, November 21, 2014


Photos by Paul Hughes

What a wingding. What a Shakedown. What a tear-up. An evening of  triple win amazingness was had by Howling Black Soul Dr X , The Ends - and the Railway's assembled drinkers and dancers.As Piley says it was like having three headliners.

Huge salutes due to everyone who played, danced and drank and Duncan on the desk for the wall of sound..

Howling Black Soul were majestic. Their album is already one of Podrophenia's highlights of the year, but live they somehow even outdid that! Incredible sound, proper R.O.C.K vocals!

Leicester's Dr. X were playing their first ever show in Southend (possibly Essex, maybe the South in general!), and what a treat it was. Mesmerising seeing them create such a amazing sound from home made, hand-crafted instruments, ingenious! Loads of great feedback on them during the rest of the evening and the CDs seemed to be selling well too!

And The Ends? They are like an incendiary bomb going off! A sonic boom of unrelenting energy . Power-pop punk tunes, super-chargedstage presence, and an electric bunch of musicians.

And behold our first moshpit - so lively that even lead Mike dived in! .Southend rocks..

And watch out for the large format poster of the Ends new single sleeve (and vinyl debut) out on Podrophenia Records in 2015

Hurrah, hats aloft and here's to the next five years

Friday, November 14, 2014

Five Years, Three Bands, One shebang of a night

I've chewed enough internet ears about tonight's Podrophonic extravaganza - so will leave the always excellent Echo to load you up with the low-down.. See above from their Wednesday 'Scene' feature

All you need to know - dates, deets etc are here and here.

See you on the other side

For a selection of our Echo back issues - zip yourself hereabouts

Friday, November 7, 2014

One week from today, we celebrate five years of Podrophenia with three live bands.....

Pod-quiz: can you name all the acts and artists above who've appeared or played at live nights and radio sessions? 

Cats, kittens, rock and rollers - in one week's time a triple-whammy bill lands at Southend's most Rock 'n' Roll local to celebrate  FIVE years of one of Britain’s longest running podcasts  (yes, we really have been doing our ol' podcasting, radio-ing, DJing and live night-ing what-nots for a FIVE years !).

The event takes places at Southend’s Railway Hotel - where, upstairs, there’ll be live music with three (yes, THREE!!) quality acts, all of whom have been heard on Podrophenia.

Headliners are Canvey’s newest new wavers.. THE ENDS


There's blues-blasting support from  DR. X.

And we open with the explosive HOWLING BLACK SOUL

Followed by Piley and the other one DJing for the aftershow in the downstairs bar

If you’ve ever listened in, downloaded or contributed to anything Podrophonic - come along, raise a glass, shake a leg and bring a pal. Kick off’s at 8pm and we run ‘ til last orders. Salut!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Podrophenia Horror:The Queen of the Taxidermy scene's Box of Delights and The Ends new single

What a gallery of goodies Essex legend Tequila Jayne brought in with her for our Horror Podrophenia: pea-chicks, a rat with an ear its back, freeze dried brains. All you need to know about taxidermy and rouge taxidermy is contained within the latest Podrophenia.

And behold as we reveal Essex most haunted, why ghosts are rubbish and other assorted spooky doings

All this and your first listen to The Ends vinyl debut out on Podrophenia Records next year...

Stream below, download here - or load up via iTunes

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Podrophenia - The Halloween Edition live tonight... with The Ends and a Rougue Taxidermist

What a treat we have for you on the October edition of Podrophenia:

A playlist of horror themed songs from Piley and self...

A special guest, and ol' pal of mine from the Templewood Court Massive -  Jayne Brown. Britain's leading 'rogue taxidermist

'Homemade dragons, a 'unicorn' and even a pair of GLOVES made from dead pet cats: Meet the UK's leading 'rogue taxidermist'....  read all about it here..

Or catch Jayne in action via All Creatures Great and Stuffed...

All this and James and  Joe from The Ends dropping in for a chat, natter and some 'sclusive news.

Tune your internet airwaves to Shipful of Bombs from 8pm tonight

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Leo Bud Welch: when the Mississippi meets The Thames

Photo by Gary Franklin....

If you grabbed, downloaded or listened live to our recent U edition of Podrophenia, with Martin McNeill and West Weston - you may recall some talk about the sweaty, stomping performance by Leo Bud Welch at The Railway

You can browse my review of this gig in the new Blues Magazine, as well as spotting my fuzzy-mug peeping out of page 7 (part of the Blues Crew). And by coincidence, there's a live write-up on the same page as LBW, of West Weston at Ronnie Scott's with Mud Morganfield...

Although 220 words I didn't quite squeeze in the nugget about:  Leo making his way stage-wards, and stopping for a nifty-footed  shuffle and dance to a tune I'd just spun in - the Stones version of I'm a King Bee...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Podrophenia's Fifth Anniversary birthday bash - one month today

Photo by Paul Slattery

Boys, Girls, rockers, rollers and residents within the Podrophenia postcode. On November the 14th. We celebrate FIVE years of one of Britain’s longest running podcasts - Podrophenia, (yes, we really have been doing our podcast, radio , DJing and live-night shenanigans for a FIVE years now!).

Naturally, the event takes places at Southend’s most rock ‘n’ roll local, and Podro HQ – The Railway. Upstairs, there’ll be live music from Canvey’s newest new wavers The Ends - with support band (TBA). Followed by Piley and self DJing for the aftershow in the downstairs bar…..

If you’ve ever listened in, downloaded, contributed to anything Podrophonic - come along, raise a glass, shake a leg and bring a pal. Kick off is at 8pm and we run ‘ til last orders. Salut!

Dates and details are all hereabouts

Friday, October 10, 2014

David Woodcock new single: Vote once, vote twice, vote thrice....

As heard on a recent Podrophenia, our boy David Woodcock is a contender for the 6Music Rebel Playlist with his new single 'Relatively Single Man'. Voting closes at midnight this Sunday (October 12th) , weigh in with your click-power and get behind Dave Woodcock.. For triple whammy wallop, vote on a home PC/work PC/ mobile - and give your pals a nudge...

Click us a winner here.... Scroll down until you see the image below..


Monday, October 6, 2014

Podrophenia Buildings: The 54 Plates in session and Jukebox Jimmy live

For the first of our October shows Piley and I bring you a theme of buildings. There's all the usual chat and old buff including Sausage Songs, 'When Tags go wrong'  'Add a word, Ruin a film'...and a Beatles/Cilla rarity...

Plus special guests Nathan and Nolan Abbot from The 54 Plates playing live in SFOB HQ
East End legend Jukebox Jimmy phoning in with a track from Jim's Juke Box. And, the offer of a freebie dowload of 'In With the Out Crowd' track from The Autumn Stones...


Download here Podrophenia Buildings:

Stream below Or via iTunes

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Radio Podrophenia - Buildings. Live tonight at 8pm

New York - and looking north east from the Empire State Building April 2012 *sighs* 

For the October edition of Podrophenia, Piley bring you bundle of songs based around architecture. A two hour tower of new music and obscure gems including 'shrines', 'barrel houses' 'stone' and 'factories'...

But more than this we have live appearances from Nolan and Nathan of  The 54 Plates  - and  Pellicci legend  Jukebox Jimmy joins us on the blower to pick a tune from Jim's Jukebox...

A couple that may or may not make tonight's Podro-playlist - from Sheffield's electricians....

And a pub tune from those booze-brewed rockers.....

Thursday, September 25, 2014

With one week to go before the next Podrophenia - a few tunes from the last blues-blast...

With our every fourth week schedule over at SFOB, there'll be two Podrophonic outings due in October - but, before we step into that double whammy run-out, let's revisit our September edition with special guests Steve Weston and Martin McNeill...

A first class blues-blast with a supreme session played live in the SFOB HQ

To hear a chat with the chaps, covering background, stories, gigs influences and earliest records bought - grab the full podcast here -  which also includes two extra tracks not on this playlist....

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A live masterclass on blues harmonica from Steve West Weston and Martin McNeill in the latest Podrophenia..

In five years of Podrophenia, there haven't been many occasions (read:none), when all of us behind the tech desk have been stunned into silence and goose pimples - but last Thursday, Steve's rendition of Summertime, was a moment when the room faded away and we became lost in a deep blue dream...

Press play and behold the genius of Steve Weston accompanied by Martin McNeill on guitar.

Should you fancy grabbing all six tracks recorded during Steve and Martin's Podrophonic session, grab the full length podcast below. You'll also hear both of our guests discussing influences, early records bough and with work other artists (Wilko, Eddie and The Hot Rods, Roger Daltrey, Dr Feelgood, Digby Fairweather) ..

From Piley and self, we pitch in a run of ' Letter U' themed tracks - including Lowell Fulson and Henry Gray unreleased instrumentals, so rare they're not even titled..

Two hours of tunes, chat and pure-brewed blues all here for free...

Or via iTunes...

Thursday, September 4, 2014

As heard on Wilko Johnson's last album, Steve 'West' Weston - is live in session on Radio Podrophenia tonight

If you've read about, rambled your way to or rocked and rolled at one the Railway Hotel's, blues-blasting Sunday Sessions, there's a strong probability you'll have beheld the double-barrel combo of Martin McNeill on guitar, and West Weston on harp..

Both players are Grand Masters of their musical medium, and regular fixtures on the Essex/London blues scene. In the past week - Martin shared a bill and stage with the 81 year old Mississippi ledge Leo Bud Welch.. While West has completed a European tour with Mud Morganfield (Muddy Waters son) including two nights at Ronnie Scott's. Earlier in the year he added his signature sound to Wilko Johnson/Roger Daltrey - which followed on from his previous work with Dr Feelgood..

So rewire your dials to Podrophenia tonight as Martin and West join us live in the SFOB studio from 8pm. A wing-ding is guaranteed for all...

For a taste test of what's a'popping tonight - tune in below..

And join us here from 8pm Ship Full of Bombs - or chip in with the chat at Chatwing 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Radio Podrophenia - Dave Woodock debut album edition..


The Podrophenia David Woodcock Debut Album Special is now up for download, and yours to fill up on for free. 

What a peach of a treat we had as Dave joined us live in the studio for salty stories (fish and chip horrors) and nimbly-fingered spectacular tracks from the album, as well as playing some listener requests.. 

And joy of joys - Ma Woodcock joined us by phone for tech advice, and to choose her fave Dave W tune. All this and a pop up appearance from Mark Vidler of Go Home Productions.

It's yours to grab here for free...



Thursday, August 7, 2014

Radio Podrophenia: Dave Woodcock debut album special and live session tonight

What a furiously busy few days for the Boy Woodcock: open mic night and album released Monday, starring on Steve Lamacq yesterday as the Favourite New Band (listen again here) - and to top off the week an album launch gig at the Bussey Building this Saturday...

But, between his tour from one end of the Thames to the other, Dave is stopping (or having a comfort break you could say) from whipping around like a whirling dervish to join Piley and the other one for live session of tunes, chat and natter for tonight's Podrophenia.

We've a run of songs fitted around variations on 'Woodcock' - and a few live renditions of album tracks and getting the back-story on the tracklist....

And as a bonus - we've also managed to nip in an exclusive pop up appearance from Mark Vidler of Go Home Productions to talk us through a selection from his Spliced Krispies ..

Set your dials for 8pm Southend Central time tonight on Ship Full of Bombs

Monday, August 4, 2014

David, Essex.....

For three years now - (first posted here) at PM and over at Podrophenia HQ, we've been saluting and supporting the sprawling songbook of Southend maestro and multi-instrumentalist David Woodcock. Today boys. girls, bloggers and rollers - Dave's debut release is officially unveiled and brought to you by Blow Up Records

Order a pint, pull up a bar stool and settle in as Southend's hardest-working export entertains you for the next fourty-odd minutes, thundering through a set of uptempo tear-ups, misty-eyed memories and home-brewed belters. Updating the Thames Delta traditions of hi-octane rock and salty sing-alongs with a nippy contemporary twist.

Dave Woodcock's Lennon-esque time changes and fidget-hipped tunes are like a late-hours lock in (with pint mugs on the piano) - while Ronnie Lane, Mickey Jupp and Suggs go heads together on boozy, crowd rousing choruses of high times, heartbreak and hometowns. All captured with a Ray Davies-style snipers-eye for the everyday details  - and topped off with a boisterous production polish that gives the album the full-bodied bounce of a new wave knees up.

So, raise a glass to the debut album from the spectacularly talented David Woodock.

To collect your copy (early orders come with a free signed postcard) wing your way to David Woodcock.com

For a preview, tune into the third single Open Secret below, catch Dave on Steve Lamacq this Wednesday - or live on Podrophenia this Thursday...or for the album launch at The Bussey Building on Saturday

Friday, August 1, 2014

London Brawling: The Mutants meet Guitarwolf

Behold and buckle up West-enders as Nagasaki noise rockers Guitarwolf hit London’s legendary 100 Club tonight as part of their British blitz and finishing at Southend's Railway Hotel tomorrow (with support from Eight Round Rapid).

Expect an explosive evening of firebrand garage by way of Guitarwolf’s signature sound. But what makes this event extra tempting is the one-off, double-whammy deal – as for this date only, Guitarwolf’s guests on the gig are The Mutants – the mutated all-star line up of legends this site and  Vive Le Rock mag, have been bringing you up to speed with over the last year

Featuring Chris Constaninou on bass and vox, Paul Frazer on guitar and Rat Scabies on drums, it'll all be kicking off on Oxford Street tonight

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Podrophenia fifth Anniversary special - with five tunes of boom, from The Ends...

Kapow, what a way to celebrate five years of Podrophonic bumbling - with a full-pelt belter of a session from The Ends. Who, gave us a fistful of booming new tunes - and a couple of bonus covers, off the cuff and unrehearsed, but sounding as fast and furious as the rest of the set  - all played out live, to a specially invited audience, and at the centre of the set  - new single Black Hole Girl

Studio-wise there's all the usual chat and natter. some '5' themed tracks from Sammy Davies, Ben Folds, David Bowie, David Woodcock sweary Elvis and five punk legends that make up The Mutants..

And a pop-up from Podro past guests Pouchy Paul and Jack Gestures, and newbies to the pod booth - Steve Taylor of Swindle and Mickey Denny

So buckle up and behold as Podrophenia meets The Ends...
MP3 here, iTunes here or stream away below

Friday, July 18, 2014

Snap, Crackle & Bastard Pop: Spliced Krispies 2

When I first fired up this blog, almost seven years ago - one of the earliest entries was a Fabtastic bootleg remix Jet Lady Joe - leaked from the lab of DJ and remixer Mark Vidler - aka Go Home Productions...

A few months on, and we were lucky enough to bag a world exclusive on GHP's hat-popping, bastard pop compendium - Spliced Krispes, which bolted together The Supremes with TV themes, the Beach Boys with school boys

So huzzah and hats in the air - as the Willy Wonka of soundwaves, returns with booming new batch of disco biscuits, where scraps and shrapnel from R 'n' B, punk, 80s funk, new wave and new bands are whisked and whirled into newly minted mashups and sonic screen prints.

You can grab the entire collection for free here - but first load up on a triple whammy taste test with a few words from GHP HQ..

My Paperback Sharona 
The Beatles 'Paperback Writer' vs The Knack 'My Sharona'

I've always loved 'My Sharona' with a passion that borders on the ridiculous...seriously *cough.. and always wanted to pair it up with something decent. Along come them Beatles (again) and Paperback Writer (again) but what the hell, these two tracks were made for each other. Lot's of editing went into this one but I won't bore you with technical details....for long.

The Beatles 'guitar riff' was cut to match the Sharona riff and plays with it the majority of the time. Had to edit down the long version of Sharona to match the 'single' version...easy...and had lots of fun finding relevant dub delays & reverbs. There you go...that's as boringly techy as I can be bothered with.


Rude Peaches 
Rihanna 'Rude Boy' vs The Stranglers 'Peaches'

Had a Stranglers fixation for a month or so earlier this year. Was hoping to do something with 'Nuclear Device' but Peaches is much easier to plunder riffage and stuff from. Listening back to this it reminds me of early GHP bootlegs...in the way that I used to pair all those 'R 'n B female vocals with rock songs...mainly due to the fact that in those heady days of 2002-2004, those were the only readily available acapellas I suppose.

Anyway, Rihanna complements the bump & grind of Peaches pretty well. Check the video! I plundered lots of the footage from The Stranglers gig at Battersea Park '78 when they brought on 10 strippers for Nice 'n Sleazy.


Whatever My Tears
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles 'Tracks Of My Tears' vs Oasis 'Whatever'

A cheeky little match. Was originally wanting to have Smokey's vocals with strings only from 'Whatever' but alas the strings in the verses aren't available, so had to make do with the full Oasis instrumental until the very end where the strings play out. An odd mix but the Oasis track is very 60's in structure and a handful of Motown tracks would probably work with it. Smokey got the short

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Podrophenia: a Five Year Mission to to explore strange new sounds

This evening Piley and I celebrate and mark our fifth Podrophonic Anniversary! Five years that started with us parked up at Piley HQ playing records and a ball-pit, to tonight where we'll be broadcasting live music from The Railway's ballroom

During however many shows it is! (I haven't kept count) we've migrated from as-'n'-when podcasts to regular live radio run-outs. Had sessions from a scrolling rollcall of southend talent:. David Woodcock, Darren Jones, Roman jugg, Andy Gallagher, Syd Moore, Hannah Marsh, Tom Burgess, Philious Williams Steve Hooker and the Glass Brides

Been lucky enough to bring in a gallery of guests for chats and natters. And were on to our 8th live night at the last count, Podrophenia (and sometimes Retroman team-ups) always superbly shot by Paul Hughes, that have included storming performances from the Len Price 3, Bif Bam Pow, TV Smith, Dick Yorke, Swindle, Andy Gallagher, Thee Faction and - Eight Rounds Rapid, the rising rockers who became our first release on the Podrophenia label

Random Podro moments: a flashmob review from the listeners on this single. A stage invasion at our TV Smith night, being bootlegged by Russian sites. Although of all the hot-spots and highlights - getting the offical endorsment and approval of David Bowie will be hard to beat..

A magical, and musical mystery tour that has taken Piley and I to places and people, we couldn't have in anyway expected when we chuckled and bumbled our way through that first sixty minutes of tunes and chatter in July 2009

If you've ever listened live,downloaded a podcast, chipped in, appeared in, commented, suggested a tune, bought a single, shaken a leg at live night - we'd love it if you could swing by for a listen in tonight

Or if you're local pop down to the Railway for our indoor/outdoor broadcast of a live session from Southend's chippies nippiest band The Ends

A huge thank you is due to everyone who's ever done any of the above

You can listen live from 8pm Southend Sentral Time here at Ship Full of Bombs and chip in at Chatwing...

Salut and here's to another 5


Saturday, July 5, 2014

60 Minute Man: Jukebox Jimmy's Guide to Rock and Roll

Boys, girls, rockers and rollers, for the next sixty minutes - let the Pellicci legend and pal of mine, Jukebox Jimmy take you by the hand and guide you through the streets of Rock and Roll..

 Jerry Lewis, Chuck Berry, Ricky Nelson, Jackie Wilson, LaVern Baker and roll call of other rockers are  pitched into play with narration, tales and context about the tracks and acts from Jim

All ripped and rendered from the vinyl library that makes up the JBJ collection. Fill your boots and brothel creepers below...

Jukebox Jimmy's Guide to Rock n Roll

For further foody doings - tuck into the ten minute treat that is Breakfast at Pellicci's with a couple of cameos from Jukebox Jim

Friday, June 27, 2014

Vive Le Rock - Mutant Moments....

Your recommended reading for this month: the most rock 'n' roll mag on the shelves Vive Le Rock

From me, you've got a meet The Mutants feature, catching up  with Chris Constantinou about the band and how the Mutie co-conspirators were recruited. Also an interview with Wilko on how the MC5 changed his life..

Reviews-wise Ian McLagen's newbie and a Wilko Johnson double-barrel best of are under the spotlight as well also Barry Cain's Wet Dreams, Dry Lives.

Other nuggets between the covers include the Eight Rounds Rapid album reviewed. interviews with Bob Mould, the Bunnymen, Neville Staples, Sisters of Mercy and the Bermondsey Joyriders.

Available at WHSmith and all in the know newsagents...