Friday, May 23, 2014

Podrophenia: with Darren Jones in for tunes and Barrence Whitfield in for a chat

People of Podrophenia: your recommended weekend listening is hereabouts

Themed around the letter T, Piley and Bacon Dan handle the tunes and banter, Big George operates the tech-deck. There's a live session from Darren Jones and I pop in with a Mutants world exclusive tune - and bring a special guest with me - the rock 'n' roll ledge, Barrence Whitfield for a natter about the band, record collecting and boxing....

Fill your Bank Holiday boots below...




Thursday, May 15, 2014

There's good rocking tonight: Barrance Whitfield and Podrophenia - live from The Railway Hotel, Southend.

Double-decking in all senses is the menu tonight at Southend's most musical boozer - The Railway Hotel

Downstairs: the rip-roaring rootsy rocking of Barrance whitfield and The Savages, with support from the hammond-heavy Mo' Fingers. Between the two yours truly is spinning some sassy sounds.

Upstairs: in the crows nest, and SFOB HQ - Piley and Dan the Bacon Man, bring you the merry May edition of Podrophenia - themed around the Letter T, with music from Thee Faction, a world exclusive from The Mutants and - a live session from Darren Jones.


But will we able to mind-meld these two time-zones together and nip-in a Barrance/Jones team-up. Who knows?

Find out live tonight from 8 right via SFOB. And should you fancy grabbing the April edition of Podrophenia. Dig in here avids....or via iTunes

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Mutants, Wilko Johnson and Wayne Kramer: Kicking Out the Jams from Motor City to Oil City



On Killer Tracks Records

Kicking Out the Jams from Motor City to Oil City

The Mutants
are a twin-turbo unit of Chris Constantinou (The Wolfmen, Adam Ant) and Paul Frazer (Black Futures) penning new tunes and recruiting three generations of all-star icons and idols for guest appearances

In a Mutant’s super-scoop, lead-off single Walking Wounded reunites two pure bred legends  Wilko Johnson and Wayne Kramer - back together for the first time since sharing a bill at The London Rock n’ Roll Show, Wembley, 1972. Wilko has repeatedly said seeing the MC5‘s performance that day changed his life, as he quit teaching to become a full time rock ‘n’ roller.

A key moment of rock 'n' roll history, Walking Wounded not only reunites Wilko and Wayne but, is the first time the duo have recorded together.  A full-pelt belter ‘Wounded’ sees Johnson and Kramer trading and exchanging Oil city skitter and Detroit squeals, while out-front is a raw power performance from Belfast's finest, Jake Burns – backed by a dream team rhythm section of Rat Scabies and Norman Watt-Roy alongside Chris Constantinou and Paul Frazer

Flipside Brixton Est Loco: is agit-punk-reggae with sound system boom and TV Smith and Neville Staples tag-teaming, backed by Rat Scabies, The Specials Horn Players and Chris Constantinou and Paul Frazer

Walking Wounded and Brixton Est Loco are twin teaser trailers for the album The Rhythm And Punk Review with you later this year where The Mutants are joined by Wilko, Wayne, Rat and a rogues gallery of Norman Watt Roy, TV Smith, Charlie Harper, Jake Burns, Knox, Neville Staple, Judy Nylon, Charlie Harper, Beki Bondage, Texas Terri Bomb, Preston Heyman and more - for filthy and furious floor-shakers,  retracing the roots of punk, new wave and ska, and reuniting first generation icons and pioneers with the nest new young-bloods blazing away today.

A punk primer for the iGeneration  

The Mutants are coming. Are you ready to be mutated?

For more info head over to the Mutants HQ...