Friday, February 28, 2014

Radio Podrophenia Podcast - The Letter S, with Glass Brides in session...

What a bundle of beauties and beats we bring you in that latest Podrophenia.

Tune-wise, you'll find tracks from The Stands, The Supremes and Sue Records.

Session-wise: we bring you four Glass Brides exclusives. Both sides of the due-soon single 'White Gold' B/W 'Seven (PartII)'. Also live acoustic refits of a Chaka Khan classic - and a stripped down version of 'Parasite' appearing on the Glass Brides EP Nature of the Beats

Natter-wise: expect some hash-tagging on lazy bands and songs, and Scottish Bowie songs.

All here in either iTunes or MP3 editions

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Radio Podrophenia: live tonight - S is for sessions, ships and 'sclusives...

Calling all Southenders, out-of-towners and internet wireless types – tonight the February edition of Radio Podrophenia is brought to you by the Letter S from the Podrophonic alphabet.

Expect - shimmying, shaking, something from Sue Records by way of Guy Stevens – and a surprise appearance from Pellicci legend Jukebox Jimmy.

For our first live session of 2014, Southend’s Nu Trip-Hoppers - the Glass Brides, will be bringing their widescreen beats and cinematic soundtracking to the Shipful of Bombs studio. But behold – exclusive news as the Brides are revealing an exclusive freshly pressed tune (Seven Part II) never before aired *anywhere* in the entire known universe..

The official page for this Thursday night shindig – is here

Feel free to chip in and natter away with us via Chatwing

Rewire your dials from 8pm tonight and SFOB , for Glass Bombs on Shipful of Brides, or is it the other way round... Salut and see you hereabouts

Glass Brides on Soundcloud

Glass Brides FB page

Monday, February 17, 2014

60 Minute Man: Jukebox Jimmy's Guide to Motown

Photo by Colin O' Brien - from the always excellent Spitalfields Life

For the third installement of Jukebox Jimmy's Guide to music - we bring you a JBJ Motown special. Wherein Jim picks his favourite tracks, tunes and Tamla tales. All hand-ripped from his very own vinyl library

Ballads, belters and tear-jerkers (literally) are contained within the collection.

So let Jukebox Jim take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London and Detroit for the next hour

Sixty Minute Man - JBJ guide to Motown

The previous Sixty Minute editions are below should you fancy backtracking

Summer Sounds

JBJ Guide to Music

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Radio Podrophenia - Best of 2013

Boys. girls and bloggers - help yourself to a copy of the latest Podrophenia from Piley, Kate Johnston and the other one. Our round up of the best new music, albums, blogs and discoveries from 2013.

Slightly saltier than usual - with beard watch, new jingles, rum ol' hashtags and assorted shades of smuttery, which we'll blame on the Podrophenia board. Take one and pass it on....


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