Friday, July 29, 2011

Local Legend

Mickey Jupp - It's one of those names that for me, is lost in a muddy musical mind-map of the Southend scene (Feelgoods, Hot Rods, Kursaal Flyers), Stiff Records, pub rock/post punk/new wave and Joy Sarney. However thanks to the lend of an under the counter DVD 'Southend Rocks' from John the Barber. Light has finally been let in upon the Jupp mystery and I've mentally settled, placed and positioned him as a local Nick Lowe meets early Elton

You can grab a five minute extract of Southend Rocks below. Should you track down the full 30 minute transmission - grab it, play it and copy it for a friend. It is the prequel to Oil City Confidential with Lee Brilleaux reminiscing on Canvey's shanties and the Southend R 'n' B scene (in fact these talking heads are the source of the same interviews seen in Oil City) Throw in Wilko Johnson and Norman Watt Roy riffing away- and it's a certified keeper. Keep 'em peeled another local ledge Peter Eden (clocking in previously here and here ), who pops up at the 2 minute mark inside his record shop that was

One tune immediately reeling me in from the opening notes was a Mickey Jupp number - Lorraine pt 2, taken from Legend, the red boot album...

Legend - Lorraine part 2

It's something that seems ripe and ready for a refit from current local songstrels The Seasiders, who featured on the last Radio Podrophenia with an exclusive rework (with added Beach Boys harmonies) of a track from their Souvenirs album pitched this way by Piley...

(You Only) Love Me When You're Drunk - The Seasiders

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This old town (is a seaside town)

Hats off to the eagle-eared Davy H for pipping this mystery song-scrap as the Staple Singers. And Simon for Google-doodle doing it as This Old Town... I really don't know anywhere near as much Staple Singers back catalogue as I should (read:any) so your hints, tips, avoids, gots, needs etc.. would be welcome.

This Old Town (People in this town) - The Staples Singers

On the subject of 'this town' *cringes shoulders* Piley and I have a nip-about on the theme of Seaside for this evening's Radio Podrophenia theme, Little Barrie, The Seasiders and Wilco are just a few from playlist..although Jack Hammer, has been given the 11th hour bounce in favour of Peggy Lee. Tune in from 9 for the full fat rundown.

If you're after some new summer sounds Yacht's Shangri-La (a mix of Atomic-era Blondie, Tom Tom Club and Lene Lovich) should be top of your shopping list...

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Lopsided Pop Quiz: Name That Tune (in 4 seconds)

I say lopsided as I can't give you the answer - but hope you can burst my bubble of baffllement. Lee Perry's Cow Thief Skank tune I'm fine for - it's those four snatched seconds of soul stomping, nipping in at the intro, that's got my noggin boggled.

My guess is, given Lee Perry's relaxed attitude to studio techniques and technicalities - that this track was on the tape before pressing the record button.

I've Googled it, Shazzed it - not a sniff. Any hints, tips knowing nods would be massively it's over to you pop-boffins

Charlie Ace & Lee Perry - Cow Thief Skank

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

B is for....

Bardot, Beastie Boys, Barbara Streisand doing Bowie and a bagful of other B-based tunes and musicians..all getting bumped into the musical tombola that is Radio Podrophenia. Here to badger and bother your ears from 9 tonight on S6... Natter and banter is likely touch on the idea of TV and film titles fused with musicians , along the lines of... Six Million Dollar Manfred Man Incredible Shoestring Band The Family Catweazle It Ain't Half Hot Mumford and Sons And casting for a live action Peanuts. Charlie Brown and Snoopy  are sorted, any others let us know..
And to top and tail it with another BB

Friday, July 15, 2011

Funky Friday - Summer Shakedown Volume 4

How's your luck! After boozing and booming through 3 CDs worth of home mades mixes last Saturday - heading steadily towards the leg-shaker and trouser-rattler that is Volume 4, when it's call finally came - 'No CD' was the unyielding,  naysaying display scrolling across the LCD of doom.

Ho, hum - oh well, at least the raw rooted tunes: R 'n' B, rock 'n' rollers and swinging mod stompers.. won't go to waste. We'll recycle and replay them here instead.

Tracklisting in the comms - vols 1 and 2 coming soon(ish)..

Summer Shakedown Vol 4

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's all happening at the 100 Club..

Draw a big red ring around this Thursday: July 14th,  for a night of glam anthems and black leather beats as The Wolfmen launch and play live - tunes and tracks from their summery sounding new LP Married to the Eiffel Tower. Of course there'll also be some old faves from Modernity and also a few exclusive doings for this one night only.

Bringing some high speed angular clang to the bill are long-haul favourites around these parts - Silvery. Along with some special guests and DJ spots we can't mention - all brought to you by the good people at Vive le Rock magazine.

If you're local to old London Town - polish up rocking boots and I'll see you Oxford Street way this Thursday.

If you haven't experienced The Wolfmen's live wall of wallop - be prepared for this style of thunderous rumbles - Thieves and Liars which is on the set-list: all Bhangra beats and two-fisted riffing..

To taste another new tune - redirect your ears to Radio Podrophenia tonight from 9, where The Wolfmen's July 20 is on the playlist - a playlist fitted around this week's theme of 'Time'. Or for some back catalogue  - grab this limited edition cover of Eno's solo opener

Needle in the Camel's Eye

Friday, July 8, 2011

Funky Friday: A One off all-soul shakedown

Its been awhiles since we got on the good foot of a weekend. But as we're off to a summer shindig tomorrow night - a garden gathering of scoopy doings and fruity tunes which I've been asked to do the music for - it seems a fine time to fire up some Friday Funk for a one off.

In fact, it was one of these very same get-togethers that partially gave me the push to start sticking tunes into a cyberspace scrapbook, as a way of sharing several CDs worth of home-mixed music comps. Although as it turned out, only this 30 minute snippet has ever been blogged.

Anyhow - tomorrow's collections and compilations span almost 5 hours - give or take a track or two. CDs 1 and 2 tend towards the sunny sounds of Acid Jazz, Studio One, funky covers and world grooves. But set 3 is something strangely I've never pitched in with before - an all out soul-rollercoaster of vintage hits, new bits, covers, northern, Motown, garage, international and instrumental hip swishing funk.

The track-listing is in the comments to swerve a blog-whacking. So tomorrow think of us shaking a Saturday night leg, and perhaps I'll wing in the other 3 CDs during the summer season

Summer Shakedown Volume 3

You'll find a few of these scraps around and about on the blog if you're happy to dig a bit..

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meet Boggle the dog

Our official Podrophenia mascot - trained and maintained by the dog-handler Mr V Suicide.

In a super swithcheroo - tonight Piley and I back out of our usual playlisting, instead handing tonight's selection - themed around animals - over to the podrophenia panel for an All Suggestions Special. Rats, cats, lizards and rabbits are few of the beasties being pulled out of the hat, along with Chris Constantinou and Marco Pirroni formerly of The Ants and now Wolfmen - each picking a tune a piece for us.

Along with this nifty footed number pitched in by Miss Ally..

Re-tune your inter-web here from 9 for all the usual chat 'n' tunes..

The Charts - For The Birds

Friday, July 1, 2011

Plectrum Analyser

If you haven't picked up on Plectrum - The Cultural Pick yet, issue 9 is the perfect place to hop onboard. Threading together the best of vintage and modern modes: Molly Parkin relates a full and fruity tale of her night with Bo Diddley, Biba people Delisia Howard and Chris Price review Don't Look Now. Mike McInnerney designer of The Who's Tommy album art has a double spread covering the backstory to his assorted sixties 'scene' graphics and new illustrations, while Guy Sangster-Adams catches up with sparky singer-songstress Alice Gold.

All this and music reviews - from me! The Bongolian, Splinters, Real Fur and Horrors boy Faris Badwan's new project Cat's Eye's all go on the stereogram for listening with a critical ear. So who gets must buy and who gets must try harder? Find out in issue 9 of Plectrum - The Cultural Pick

Cat's Eyes - Face in the Crowd

Animal by Real Fur