Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Podrophenia X Mass

DL at SFOB Podbean: Podrophenia brings you, a seasonal cocktail of 'X' themed songs (band, artist or tune) and the occasional Christmas tune.. 

 There's a Pod Quiz - guess the film - from it's international release title. A messy Persuaders challenge, and Spotify Wrapped roundups.. 

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Monday, November 28, 2022

Podrophenia: football, sport and acoustic blues


It's a podcast of two halves for the latest Podrophenia . 

First up - a twin-fisted blues-blasting session from acoustic duo Going Down South joining us live in the SFOB HQ for a delta -drenched setlist. 

Round 2 is a grand-standing, world of sport by way of musical motifs from Long Distance running to Leeds United and Saturday wrestling to soccer anthems. 

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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Podrophenia double feature: New Music and a Mystery Quiz

It's a double dollop of Podrophenia for your listening ears.

The October edition - with guest Ted Groves playing tunes from his fantasticus debut album World of My Own. There's more newbie music with Billy Reeves latest single Golden Days, The Island from Vix20 and Ali Heath Alarm Goes Off.. between our musical lucky dips, there's a Pod Quiz - Paint shade or Eno instrumental... Load up and listen hereabouts

And the September edish - with a mystery quiz. Can you crack either theme by the tune clues...??

Friday, July 1, 2022

Podrophenia - Lucky Dipping

Podrophenia goes Lucky Dipping for June.. A jamboree bag of free plays - pop, punk, prog - who knows - it's all in the the musical mix. Where else could you go from Harry Belafonte to Hollie Cook and Johnny Harris to Johnny Rotten

There's a Pod Quiz - Audible or Edible. Is it a band name or bread based snack?

There's natter and chat about the Pistol series, Elvis film and a round up of recent gigs/festivals…

Dig in and DL here …

DL Podrophenia - Lucky Dipping


Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Podrophenia : Towns & Cities


Podrophenia takes a trip round cities and towns. There's a City or Town quiz, sandwich chat - are they best eaten gamey, and playlist of places that spans from Hanoi Rocks to a Lou Reed/Booker T team up, with new tunes from Vix20 and Campbell Findlay and The Tranquil.


Or DL here

New York City Cops - The Strokes

Billy Bentley - Kilburn & The High Roads

The London Boys - David Bowie

By The Time I Get To Phoenix - Dorothy Ashby

Eggs On A Plate - Iggy Pop

Just For You - The Tranquil

KC Bound - Lowell Fulson

Cheer Up London - Slaves

Sin City - Secrets

Suburban Berlin - Japan

This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both of Us - Sparks & Faith No More

Gone - This Factory

Havana Affair (Live) - The Ramones

Invisible Girl - VIX20

Fadoodle - The Liquorice Quartet

Malibu Beach Nightmare - Hanoi Rocks

Nostalgia Machine - Soft Cell

The Bronx - Lou Reed & Booker T

Podrophenia - A Trip To The Country

Saddle up tonight as we take a Podrophonic chug-a-bug for a trip around the highways, byways and backroads of country music. From Glam Country to Funky Country and outlaw acoustics. From bluegrass banjo to flat-pickin' and fiddling. Tune in for the hayride and hee-haw!


DL here


Rocky Top – Lynn Anderson

Have Mercy – Loretta Lynn

Country Boy – Heads Hands and Feet

Louisiana Swing – Bud Hobbs

Ain’t No Easy Way – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Turn To Hate – Orville Peck

The Rope and The Colt -Scott Walker

The Way It Goes – Gillian Welch

Through The Morning, Through The Night – Dillard & Clark

Sin City – The Flying Burrito Brothers

Big Jet Plane – Primal Scream

Black Mountain Boy – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Diggy Diggy Lo – Doug Kershaw

Going Up The Country – Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

John Deere Tractor – Larry Sparks

Lung – Townes Van Zandt

Teenage Drug Queen – Phillious Williams

Choopee River Bottom Band – Larr Jon Wilson

Sermon – Bobbie Gentry

Poor Boy A Long Way From Home – The Black Keys

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Podrophenia - Ego plus Live Session from Andy J Gallagher and Roman Jugg


Behold the first live session at the new SFOB HQ. Salutes to Cap'n Al and Lord Hastings for superb sound and crowd control.. 

Andy J Gallagher joins us live to play tracks from and chat about his new album Ego. Roman Jugg who produced the album sits on the sesh and gives us exclusive news on *two* Roman solo albums due later this year.. 

Playlist wise we dip into Ego/psycho related themes..and reveal Rod Stewart's actual appearance on a Bowie album..

DL here or stream below ..

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Double dab of Podrophenia - Sickness and Health

Behold as a Podrophonic double drop lands in your 2022 lap

Sickness:  illness is the theme of the January playlist, wherein we prescribe new tunes alongside old faves and buried treasures. Dig in and dose up here .  Or wherever you get your podcasts 

Health: Piley, Lord Hastings and m'self bring you a robust bundle and of heart-pounding sounds from 2021. Listenable here (or wherever you get your etc.....)