Monday, November 22, 2021

Podrophenia - Lucky Dipping

For our latest Podrophenia: Ian Pile Steven Hastings & m'self dip into our collective grab bag of goodies for new tunes & old faves - and ask what albums should Elvis tribs make rather than Elvis covers ? Would The VU work done Chas and Dave style? Bowie & Iggy as Starsky & Hutch? Radio that plays artists from your current location?

With a playlist featuring #nealfrancismusic #donnybenét #jarviscocker #theauters #buskrbeats #theking #parquetcourts #wetleg

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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Our Buskr album - Day Breaks is out now

Our debut album is out now - Missus Jo and I are super chuffed and buzzed with it..

Recorded while being bunkered up during lockdown - it's a sequence and cycle of digital trips and visits to favourite and far away places.. Opening with a rainy night in Wales and closing with synthized approximation of a west coast sunrise and dawn chorus.. Inbetween we ramble around valleys, fields and footpaths, taking the odd city and waterside stroll..

Musically, most of what I'd been repeat playing before recording has filtered into the influences. From Hall and Oates to Tycho (Hallow), Thundercat to The Beatles (Sugar Palm), Oddisee, Elaquent to Boards of Canada (Rambling Rocks) and Potatohead People to Stan Tracy (Milk Wood)


Only 100 hard copies are available - you can join us on our Buskr wanderings from the 19th ordering a hard copy here

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Podrophenia - a Beard Special with The British Beard Club

It's a hair-bear affair for the latest Podrophenia. As our guests David Dade and Charlie Saville from The British Beard Club join us with: beard-husbandry tips for beginners, freestyle beard competitions *a cross between Miss World and Crufts* and beard heroes.. 

There's insider info on Peel Sessions from former BBC sound engineer David with a session CV featuring - The Banshees, The Bad Seeds, Joy Division and The Damned… Plus Piley's puns, beard quiz and a playlist featuring new tunes from T Bitch Invaders and Vix20 Dig in and

Podrophenia The Damned Special with Morgan Brown

Celebrating the 45th anniversary of New Rose - Damned, Damned, Damned is the theme of our latest Podrophenia as we're  joined by special guest Morgan Brown - author of brand new book The Damned: Every Album, Every Song.

Expect two hours of Damned chat, insider info, gig memories and fave plays

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Celebrating twelve years of Podrophenia with a double whammiversary and Billy Reeves of THOTHG

It's a double dollop of doings as we celebrate 12 years *gulp* of Podrophenia...

Part one is a pop quiz with tunes fitted around a mystery theme - who'll be first to crack the clues and unravel the reveal! 

 DL here

Part two - Buckle up and behold as Billy Reeves day-trips to Rossi's in Southend for a seaside meet with Piley and Mondo, wherein he tries an out-size custard tart - and relays inspirational tales of how his latest project The Helicopter of the Holy Ghost came to be. An incredible story of an amazing album of beautiful songs.. as featured in The Guardian here...
Along the way we learn about the early days of The Darkness, how Billy hooked up with Sophie Ellis-Bextor, why did the Primals move to Brighton - which band made him a coma tape - how many times is he in the Guinness Book of Hit Singles - and why the parakeets on TheHOTHG album cover? Musically we spin in a playlist of Brother Reeves' greatest hits, highlights and THOTHG tracks 

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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Podrophenia - Live, Unlocked & Lucky Dips


Behold just a few tunes from the recent *LIVE* Podrophenia - in which we bring you a double whammy of themes (any guesses from the pic?). Along with new tunes from LOUDwomen Eight Rounds Rapid The Helicopter of The Holy Ghost Buskr 


Sonically, we take you from a streaking themed instrumental album, to Middle Eastern funk a reggae refit of a Carpenters classic to the vocal (and original) version of Leone's spaghetti western theme..

Dig in and DL here or where-ever you get your podcasts 

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Buskr - second single: Numbers and Codes

The second single, from our Buskr project is up for download - Numbers and Codes is a home-spun slice of lo-fi, trip pop, night vibes -  getting repeat plays in Canada (Radio Coolio) and Canberra (Liquid Sunshine)...

Numbers and Codes is brought to you by -  Hottwerk 

Dig in and DL here 

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Bongophenia: Podrophenia Meets The Bongolian

A double whammy celebration wherein we tip our collective hats to The Railway Hotel, (RIP) with Piley, Mondo and Lord Hastings spinning in a selection of Railway faves they've played from the pulpit... 


And buckle up as two of the most blazing players ever to fizz-up a gig at The Railway - Trev and Nasser of Big Boss Man and The Bongolian, talk us through tracks from the new Bongolian album - Harlem Hipshake, plus provide a primer on best Latin and reggae albums for newbies, remember the lively nights at Blow Up club and demo Hammond and percussive techniques for beginners

All this in two hours - tune in and chow down
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Friday, April 30, 2021

The Soundr Hour - Yachtify

Soundr-Crowders: an hour of AOR vintage funk and new smooth-cruising tunes - Diana Ross, Johnny Mathis and Loyal Carner are all aboard the yacht - with a rare Toto demo and an early doors cameo from Nik Kershaw. There's also news of an exciting Soundr team-up due coming soon Stream away below

Sunday, April 18, 2021

The Soundr Hour: Discolicious

DISCOLICIOUS: sixty minutes of funky, kooky, kamp disco makeovers. From Nina Simone to Steely Dan, 10cc to Elvis. And behold as Ian Dury, Mike Oldfield and Gordon Giltrap get re-swished with Saturday Night glitter. 

Whether you're kitchen disco-ing or preppin' for the pub - let the Soundr hour lead off your dance floor larks

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Podrophenia - In Conversation With Chris Constantinou: sessions from Adam Ant to Wayner Kramer

The April Podrophenia is a rockin' rollin' conversation' with bass player Chris Constantinou.
From his early days with Drill and touring with Slade, travelling the world with Adam Ant, playing Live Aid, working with Chas Chandler, Annabella Lwin, The Dandy Warhols, The Wolfmen.... right up to latest projects The Mutants (Wilko Johnson, Norman Watt-Roy, Wayne Kramer), One Thousand Motels (with Rat Scabies) and Rude GRL & CC it's all there!

Including stories you'll have never heard or read anywhere else! Plus a playlist of tunes from across his varied career.

Buckle up for the ride below...

The Wolfmen and Dahler Mehndi

Wilko, Wayne Kramer and Rat Scabies during a Mutants session - Chris and m'self on the far left

New project with RudeGRL

Monday, March 29, 2021

The Soundr Hour - Spring Breaks


As the clocks go forward, Soundr steps into the new season with a fruity bouquet of blossoming breaks, blooming tunes and mellow beats -from trip hop to sunny lectro pop to breezy nu jazz..

 Dig in and bliss out...

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The Soundr Hour - Cover Stars


Something to lively up your playlists - the Soundr Hour - Cover Stars.... 

60 solid minutes of uptempo covers: disco refits, funky reduxes and latin reworks - all contained herein. From Steely Dan to Rod Stewart, from the Average White Band to Ashford and Simpson - they all get rung and respun with fruity new versions...

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Podrophenia's religious experience


Glory be: the religion edition of Podrophenia is up for download with M G Boulter on his Clifftown album and podcast. Local tales of fractured jazzers, Southend werewolves - and two quizzes -plus new music from Vix20 Bob Collum and a playlist of heavenly sounds


Sunday, February 14, 2021

Podrophenia Love In - Hearts, Flowers & Chocolates

Rockers, rollers, new romantics and old romantics - settle in for Podrophenia's Love-in podcast. Where Piley, Lord Hastings and Mondo will be pleasuring your lugs with two hours of tuneage - themed around, hearts, flowers and Champagne. There'll be a Valentine's quiz, love songs rendered to 8 bit Sega style editions, and smoochy tunes played on a tuba.

  And a live a 'performance' of three eighties hits on a 1982 Casio VL Tone keyboard...... 

DL here or stream below...

Sunday, January 24, 2021

The Soundr Hour - Nu Year Nu Yacht.

The Soundr Hour is back with Nu Year Nu Yacht. Sixty minutes of the finest yacht from (or found in) 2020.. Tennis to Thundercat, Joel Sarakula to Janko Nilovic, Prep to Polo and Pan

Tune in for 60 minutes of soothing tunes...

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Podrophenia 171: a David Bowie Scrapbook

Being five years since Major Dave left his capsule - Podrophenia celebrates the life of a widescreen genius by way of a scrapbook of Bowieness. Outtakes, alt-takes, oddities, curiousities and some live tunes from Dave 'Woodmansey' Woodcock… 

Strap in for a playlist that spins in: Young Americans extras, TOTP albums covering Bowie, overlooked B sides - and two quizzes….. 

 1)Bowie lyric or Eno Oblique Strategy. 

 2) Guess the song from the shonky Thai translation.. (Ground control to Magic Town etc…) 

Download here or stream below