Thursday, March 30, 2017

Howling Black Soul's debut promo - Soul to Lay

If you've never been to a Howling Black Soul gig at Peggy Sue's - Carl Hawkins has distilled the essence and sweaty energy of our Saturday night shindigs there..

Huge salutes to Carl for the filming, editing and production - and to the assembled drinkers and dancers seen shaking their tail-feathers herein..


Monday, March 20, 2017

Radio Podrophenia - Music for Mentalists

The March Madness edish of Podrophenia is up for download, and it's possibly our most eccentric session yet.. Mae West goes Rock ‘n’ Roll. Petula Clark goes disco, Reginald Bosanquet goes funky, Hawkwind get schlagerd and there's a space-pop nugget wherein aliens land looking for new life in Northampton!See the info-tainment clip on the single below...

Special guest Grant Philpott brings in some of his spoken word mash-ups (including Jimmy Smith meets Mark E Smith and Pam Ayres with Roy Ayres) and talks about his television work on The Word, the Big Breakfast and his ten years on TV Burp…

There's Essex Films, Kitchen bands and Shart songs - and an 8 bit quiz based around rock classics getting digitised All here, all yours and all free



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