Monday, April 20, 2015

Radio Podrophenia - veggie special, with special guest Billy Brentford...

Behold the first reveal of the third single on Podrophenia Records. The Cee Cees - Have An Analysis/Solution Songs..A limited edition of just 200..

Tune in to the latest Podrophenia for a spin of both sides of the single - book-ending a full tilt interview with Cee Cee singer Billy Brentford - who furnishes us with the album and single info, details on The Cee Cees Southend gig (book here) - and splains How Andrew Ridgeley invented Post Modernism

Fitted around Billy's blitzkreig spot - we dig up twelve of the tastiest vegetable based tunes. A medley of potatoes, peppers, peas, truffles, onions, beans,

Load up here with your listening ears.... or via iTunes..

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Podrophenia: live radio tonight. Live in-store for RSD on Saturday …

It’s a double whammy of Podrophonic what-not over the next couple of days...

Tonight: Piley and I bring you the April edition of Radio Podrophenia, with this month’s theme being ‘Veggie’ bringing together a buffet of funk, mod, pop and a special track chosen by our pals from the Funk Pen....

And behold our special guest joining us to chat, singles, LPs and upcoming gigs..Billy Brentford of The Cee Cees..whose, album Solution Songs is out today..

Tune in and get your five a day hit in one funky bundle... at Radio  SFOB - 8PM

Or chip in with the chatabouts, hereabouts... Chatwing

Saturday: Team Podrophenia will be installed at Fives Records for the 12 – 1 slot at the Record Store Day event, held at Fives, Leigh Broadway. It’s a full day celebrating vinyl - with DJ sessions from the Middle Age Spread boys, Polyvinyl Craftsman and Camel Walk massives - along with live music from Phil Burdett, Tuppenny Bunters and the Glass Brides….