Monday, October 8, 2007

Bernard Purdie - Big Daddy of The Drums

This is Mr Bernard ‘Pretty’ Purdie (pronounced Ber – Nard, ryhmes with farmyard) the King of the sticks and legendary session drummer with a CV that’s reads like a Burke’s Peerage of Soul and Funk including;

Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Arif Mardin, Nina Simone, Dusty Springfield, Miles Davis, B.B King, Steely Dan and appearances on over 3000 albums.

I’m guitarist – not a drummer, but watching Bernard filling out the fatback makes me want to start clicking some sticks.

This is Bernard breaking it down and ‘splain’ing the Purdie Shuffle.

And how to build up and bang out the backbeat.

The super funky FuFu Snax
has Pretty Purdie - Soul Bossa Nova availablehere

And new kid on the blog Suspect Me, has Pretty Purdie Soul Clapping available here on his rocking new blog


davyh said...

Phew! He sure splains it an plays it, huh?

Mondo said...

Oh yeah - he's the kiddie on the kit, the buddha of the backbeat, the guru of the groove

*goes on like this for several hours*

And that great laugh too

Suspect said...

Pretty is the man!! Respect on those vids.


ally. said...

up there with the brilliant clive stubblefield show and tell clip over at junkfood philosophy.
top marks.

Mondo said...

I'm gonna have to check out that clive stubblefield stuff, Have you seen this little gem sent to me by this coming Funk Friday's guest blogger - Stevie Wonder's super funky drum solo

Axe Victim said...

Splain me again! One of the best thus far Mondo baby. And you being a geetar man an' all! Nice.

Mondo said...

Mention drum solo's and people usually start talking about time for a 'comfort break'and bolting for the door.

Glad it's been a such a hit

Anonymous said...
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