Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dennis Hopper Choppers - The Midnight Rider

I was on the browse recently at my nearby Rough Trade East nosying for new nuggets - but digging through the racks soon got swift shrift when a seismic swell of rumbling sound spread through the shop from the stage area. Expecting to find a four piece gang going flat out at full volume I was almost dropped on the spot to see a solo performer sat on a delicously vintage Fender amp strumming ghostly notes and crooning moonlight mantras about Fu Manchu and red brides while taking care of business on percussion and bass at the same time. This was dennishopperchoppers playing songs from his album 'Chop' - I had discovered my new nugget.

Imagine Sergio Leone remaking El Topo on motorbikes with a soundtrack by Link Wray, Ennio Morricone and Johnny Cash - that is the sound of 'Chop'. Hypnotic, cinematic and with a voice as rich and resonant as the chimes of a church bell at midnight 'Chop' is full of melancholy confidence, lonely moonlight drives, and Death Row confessions.

'Listening to MC5' is a waltz in black, 'I Was Born' swaggers like a ghost town showdown and 'The Ballad of Fu Manchu and the Red Bride' is Venus in black furs singing songs to the siren.

There was a thread recently on the The Word site
"We just want one record that you came across this year that you have really grown to like and you suspect that hardly anybody else has heard" there was no doubt for me X marks the spot for the buried treasure that is Dennis Hopper Choppers and 'Chop'.

Dennis Hopper Choppers - 'The Ballad Of Fu Manchu and The Red Bride'

Dennis Hopper Choppers - 'If I Lied'

Check out the DHC sites for album details and gig dates.

dennishopperchoppers - myspace

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