Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Charity Shop Classics Pt. 1 - Impact

I'm a bugger for a bargain. Always have been. Piley, Marmite and I were regular rummagers at the charity shops digging for winners and hoping to find some spectacular long lost nugget or buried treasure. None of us bagged any real bargains' (apart from Piley's signed cabaret band albums), and typically these 'digs' were a sift through the same ol' smoke stained charity chaff....

Books - 'Jaws', the Sixties and Seventies editions of the 'James Bond' paperbacks.

Vinyl - variations on the following - The Tijuana Brass, Hammond Dance Party and 'Geoff Love plays TV Themes'.

But one album had such outstanding saturation that it was often possible to find multiple copies in the racks. 'Impact' was the champ of charity shop albums. And what a cracker, recorded at Studio 2 Abbey Road, and loaded with cream of cheesy listening including...

Joe Loss - Wheels.mp3

Manuel and the Music of the Mountains - A Man And A Woman.mp3

Franck Pourcel - Love Is Blue.mp3

I may upload some more of these tunes later, but if your in the mood for more retromania, why not tune in to Channel Mondo for a Public Information Film screening.

For the moment here's the full track list for 'Impact'

01 - David Rose - The Stripper
02 - Norrie Paramor - Soul Coaxing
03 - Acker Bilk - Stranger On The Shore
04 - Pepe Jaramillo - Sucu Sucu
05 - Franck Pourcel - Love Is Blue
06 - Ron Goodwin - Legend Of The Glass Mountain
07 - Joe Loss - Wheels
08 - Norman Newell - Live For Life
09 - Basil Henriques - Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
10 - Ralph Dollimore - The Fool On The Hill
11 - Manuel And The Music Of The Mountains - A Man And A Woman
12 - Jack Emblow - Ritual Fire Dance

By special request for Axe Victim here is
Ralph Dollimore - The Fool On The Hill.mp3


davyh said...

Nice. Do you find there's always a copy of 'No Parlez' by Paul Young too?

Axe Victim said...

Ralph Dollmore - The Fool On The Hill

Mondobaby - do me a favour please adn post this for me so I can download it for my father in law because RD was his best friend form when they were kids growing up together and army life etc. He has bored me rigid for decades with talk of Ralph Dolimore.

Mondo said...

Davey - Always PY in his C and A suit on the cover , also Culture Club - 'Kissing to be Clever', 'Non Stop Banjo party' and Decca's 'The World of... ' albums too.

AV - Glad to take requests will be loading up Ralph this evening

BLTP said...

We use to play manuel to clear a under 16's disco me and my mate use to play discs at (when we our selves where kids he added quickly) Can't find my copy now!,It's really geoff love under assumed name!

Piley said...

Spot on PM! This was a staple of the charity shop - in fact I believe it was a legal requirement to have a copy in the rack before the shop was alowed to start trading (& a copy of Jaws in the pikey book spinner thingy). Its weird how there were SO many Studio2 albums up for grabs, yet on the flipside, there are so many Studio 2 albums that are worth big money. It was the compilation ones that flooded the charity shop market tho - i wonder if these were infact freebies or promos as there were so many of em around.

Most charity shops have gone up market now, and mainly only stock CDs. They are very fussy what they take too - I was met with some right sniffy ol bird when I last took some stuff, who rooted through my box of goodies, took a couple of bits out and said "we'll have this, but don't want the rest". No wonder everyone just dumps it outside and fucks off now, can it get any worse than a charity shop tell ME my stuff is tat??!

Mondo said...

BLTP - Perhaps 'Manual/Geoff' could be used to 'move on' groups of teenage hoodies and tearways.

P - Unreal. No chance of unloading my 'Select' magazine cover CDs then? I've also heard stories of collectable albums being sold for overinflated prices at Charidee shops too.

BLTP said...

Re: cheap vinyl sadly e-bay has given everyone, charity shops included the idea that every single record is worth a fortune, thus destroy the bottom of the market. This way all the second hand shops like beanos in croydon are shutting, all the cheap vinyl is gone. I wouldn't mind but it's not like the people selling are fans etc. I had a argument at car boot the other day with a guy who insisted a 1980's pressing of the white album was worth £60 quid.

Axe Victim said...

Don't talk to me about chariddee shops. Where I work is very upmarket and the kind of stuff they have is pretty cool, but they want £50.00 for stuff. I bought a video camera from one for fifty quid and they told me it had been all checked out OK by the camera shop across the road. After I spent hours trying to get it working I went into the said camera shop only to find that they hadn't bothered to check it at all. My local Oxfam thinks that if it has a scratched up Beatles LP it can sell it for £20.00 and so it goes. I no longer visit them, especially after buying up a load of 1991-93 era Marvel comics that Piley said were a load o fold tat! I think we have a few years more to go before crate digging becomes acceptable again. By then nobody will be interested, even us!

Mondo said...

Anyone wanna buy a copy of 'Impact'
featuring the infamous balloon dance music 'Wheels' 1st pressing and only slightly shop soiled - yours for 50 nuggets. (o.n.o)?
*ducks to avoid being clonked with items from the loft *

BLTP said...

sady few comics are worth anything, mainly 1960's and earlier american and very very few british ones I'm afraid.

Mondo said...

BLTP - one my first proper posts was about a Batman/Beatles comic, and have been wondering about bringing comics back into this blog ever since but have been umming and aahing about it. I know Piley is comic fan, finding out AV is and I'm guessing your partial to one too is the clincher for me. Comics are on the menu from now on, Watch out for the Daredevil/Uri Geller crossover issue. (I've got a copy at home)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting post, but the comments are even more interesting! A post on charity shop highs and lows should be considered!

I had a very low low, when i bought a CD by the Fall in a local charity shop. All the cases had selotape on it to keep the lids from opening, and I assumed to stop the discs falling out. Paid £2 and thought nothing more about it. On opening it at home it had a free dvd from the Daily Mail in it. If it happened in Virgin you'd be back, but as it's a charity shop, somehow it's ok to be ripped off.


BLTP said...

Pm: Yep to comics. Rob my worst recent case of this was buying a wonderfully sleeved copy of shaft souindtrack, forgetting to check the innards only to find it was a copy a Demis Roussos lp!

Mondo said...

I haven't been ripped off at a charity shop - yet, but did get 'stiffed' at Our Price once. Some joker had placed a self portrait polariod of himself in an inflammed state and a 'one for the ladies pose' inside a CD case in the racks, which fell out while I was thumbing through the credits. Can't remember which album it was though.

Cocktails said...

Hello, I just happened across your blog and was impressed to see ye olde charity shop favourite Impact featured. I might actually go home now and drag it off the shelves now for a listen, it's been a while...

What I always find fascinating about charity shops is when you find what is clearly someone's record collection in there e.g. our local Oxfam recently had an entire collection of Wonderstuff 7 12"'s - probably once loved, now sadly discarded. What went wrong?!

Mondo said...

Thanks for popping over Cocktails

That's the thing isn't it. Usually the whole set got donated - nothing was held back. I never grabbed anything as cool as the Stuffies, but regularly saw entire output of Herb Alpert at most shops.

I'll posting the 'Impact' follow up 'Breakthrough' soon.

marmiteboy said...

Blimey what memories,

Me and Piley would stumble about Boot Sales at 8 o'clock on a Sunday morning still pissed from the night before buying all sorts of shite. I remember being an awful lot of the Leo Sayer album where he is jumping in the air knocking about too. Thankfully I have no recollection of what it was called.

I picked up a signed Don Estelle album once for ten pence. Yours for a 50 quid.

Cocktails said...

Oh yes, Breakthrough! I have that one too. It might reassure you to know that these two were also charity shop favourites in Australia where I grew up.

Mondo said...

MB - I'm buzzing to know who those signed albums Piley found were by sort of Grumblweeds/Barron Knights type combo.

Cocktails - Amazing about 'Breakthrough' I've got some Jimmy Barnes and Johnny Deisel albums ready to unload - do you reckon there would be much of a market for these on

Would also recommned checking out Working Mens Soul a CD released a couple of years ago compiling the best of Cabaret Bands its an absolute belter check it here


Cocktails said...

Mmm, Jimmy Barnes and Johnny Deisel? I'm not sure if there is any market whatsoever for their wonderful offerings... But I could be wrong - there might have been some kind of resurgence of interest since I left the country. I suspect thought that they are in the vein of that Leo Sayer record Marmite Boy describes - unwanted and annoyingly ubiquitous.

marmiteboy said...

Johnny Diesel and the Injectors. Blimey that rings some unwamted bells.

I remember Mondo being a big fan. we were meant to go and see Stevie Ray Vaughan once (with front row tickets for The Hammersmith Odeon) but a week before the gig he got killed in a helicopter crash. I bet Mondo still has some SRV albums tucked away too!

Mondo said...

SRV is still my number 1 guitar hero. Anyone that can play like this
while smoking a pipe, or tear it up like this while puffing on a gasper is a guitar god.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha - great read!

Possibly a bit late but did you see TV Creams charity shop records feature - worth a look.

Go here and scroll down to TVC Extras :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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