Friday, May 30, 2008

Funky Friday - Frying Tonight

God only knows why Mick Weaver chose to rebrand himself as the clunkily named 'Wynder K Frog'- not that you'll give a sniff about his pseudonym, after a tucking into one of Wynder's red hot funky fry ups.

WKF's CV includes three spectacularly swishy solo albums -'Sunshine Superfrog'(1967) 'Into the Fire'(1970) and 'Out Of The Frying Pan'(1968) which for my earth money is the chef's special from his fistful of sizzlers - as well as sessions for Ronnie Lane, Steve Marriot and an appearance on Bentley Rhythm Ace's FSUK 3.

Recommend reading is Larry at Funky 16 Corners piece on Mick/Wynder

So why not have a bite of WKF's B3 boogaloo below - but, be warned, it's almost impossible to play any of these hammond flavoured hotties just once..

Wynder K Frog - Willie And The Hand Jive

Wynder K Frog - Green Door

Wynder K Frog - High Heel Sneakers

'Bad Eye' also on the 'Frying Pan' album was featured here as part of a recent for mix for The Hook And Sling website

Any Wynder K Tune makes a marvellous DIY soundtrack to this Vic and Bob clip. Turn the Youtube volume down, fire up a Wynder and off you go..


Jonathon Livingstone Beale III (twice removed) said...

Nice 1 Mr.Mondo!

Cocktails said...

I've never heard Wynder K Frog before but these are excellent. Nice album covers too!

Simon said...

I've got the version of Green Door on a few Northern compilations, but I'd never heard anything else. Top stuff!

Mondo said...

Thanks Matt.

Cocktails - pre Photoshop too you know, that's all hand skills that cover.

Simon - It's worth digging out the WKF other albums (they are out there)if only for 'Sunshine Superman' but 'Frying Pan' is the best of the bunch 'Jumping Jack Flash' and 'Tequila' are other highlights from this almost non stop rocker.

Simon said...

Yeah, a quick google shows me some treasures. And the track listing for that album looks particularly mouthwatering! I'm looking forward to getting home now!

Piley said...

I too picked up on green door and 1 or 2 others some time back on Northern Soul comps - but some real crackers on here. Name is terrible though, and no doubt a factor in why i may have given him a swerve before i actually heard him!

Simon said...

I've got to be honest - I always thought that the version of Green Door was a I've always hated that song. And the name doesn't really inspire!

But I've had the albums (thank you Google) on rotation this evening. There's some really good stuff on there. A great version of Somebody Help Me. Plus the album Into The Fire has some excellent original material going on. Thanks for the insight Mr Mondo sir!

Mondo said...

P - Defo worth checking out other cracker from this crazy frog.

Simon - I'm nearly as much of cheese fiend as Alex James (actually that could be a new blog bit"Cream Cheese" the best from Cheesy listening collection) and genuinley Love this version of Green Door - I can't stand any other version though.

If you've been grooving to WKF check out 'On The Brink' for more of the same retro nuggets

Suzy Norman said...

Never ever get sick of High Heel Sneakers in any form whatsoever. Have yet to hear the tubular bells version though.

Tall J said...


I know you like mashups and I'm working on my first one. It's a bit rough in spots but thought you'd be interested in what I've done so far.

The Return of Ringo

Axe Victim said...

You're right. I keep coming back for more! But I so wished that my band had a B3 player. I once landed a keys player who was brilliant, but it was in the early days when we weren't. So he moved on. He played a Roland Stage Piano and it could emulate a Hammond rather well. Mind you we would have had to have asked him to move along anyway because he kept insiting on playing the melody to everything! It takes a great deal of skill to have developed chops like Mr. Frog.

Mondo said...

RE - Have you heard the Elvis or Tom Jones versions? Well worth digging out.

Axe - I could just imagine Magic Ship with a keys player adding a sort of Ian Maclagan or Billy Preston type vibe

Axe Victim said...

That was always my goal, and to some extent it still is. It's just that B3 players are a bit hard to come by!

Anonymous said...

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