Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blockbuster, Sparman, T.E.S.C.O

It's an Anne Summers now you know! Gives Blue Plaque a different spin doesn't it

Are just a few of the 'shopping bands/songs' suggestions pitched into our first live Podrophonic run-out over at our all new Radio Novalujon lodgings.

What a fine ol' time was had last Wednesday, with Dave Jazzy Dawson working his multi-media magic - manning the desk, checking the levels, fading the mics and suchlike. And hurrah 'n' hats in the air to see the Pod Squad regulars regrouped for the first time since June..

There's even a Quinn Martin style epilogue - we've kindly been offered a monthly spot on Radio NJ. So from November - the last Thursday of every month will be Podrophenia night.

Should you fancy lending an ear to Radio Podrophenia - Shopping - bung it in your bagging area below...

Radio Podrophenia - Shopping

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