Friday, March 22, 2013

Get aboard with the double deckers

There's a dual action double-decking session over the next couple of days rocking away at the Railway Hotel, the epicentre of Southend's simmering music and social 'scene' (©Daryl Easlea)

Saturday from 7, it's likely to be an unscripted playlist of big 'n' beaty bouncers winging in everything from garage to glam, big beat to beatleg remixes to glam stompers and stampers

Sunday from 4, the award winning Martin McNeill is back for is every third Sunday, I'll be parked up at the bar rooting through blues, funks and soul - but trying to work in some never-before-played

Les McCann ltd Bucket o' Grease

Mini Vip - Block

So if you happen to round and about Clifftown Road, swing in for a scoop and a legshake