Friday, July 19, 2013

Eight Rounds Rapid new single 'Writeabout' - out August the 9th, The first release on Podrophenia Records

Behold, boys, girls and inbetweeners: as in three week's time. Friday August the 9th. Eight Rounds Rapid release their first seven inch single. A limited edition run - and our debut recording on the Podrophenia label. So what do you need to know ahead of the ninth.....

Who are Eight Rounds Rapid
Southend's rising stars and estuary bred rock ‘n’ rollers, filtering Dr Feelgood Thames-Delta grooves through post-punk punch and new wave clout.

Where might I have seen 8RR 
Supporting Wilko Johnson on his Farewell Tour,
Supporting Thee Faction.
At Podrophenia live nights

Where might I have heard 8RR 
Previous single (Channel Swimmer) was played by…….
Mark Radcliffe (6Music and Radio 2)
Gary Crowley (BBC Radio London)
Radio Podrophenia

What do I need to know about the single. 
It's a limited edition 7" vinyl release - and the only format that Writeabout will ever be available on. The flip side Steve is long-haul live crowd pleaser and fan favourite.

When can I get hold of a copy
August the 9th. The Writeabout/Steve launch night is a free 8RR gig at Southend's most Rock 'n' roll local - The Railway Hotel. With support from The Tuppenny Bunters

What label is it on
Podrophenia Records- after five years as a radio show/podcast - with exclusive appearances from The Dandy Warols, Cornershop, Marco Pirroni - and endorsement from David Bowie - Podrophenia branches out into a new format. A record Label

You can get an advance earful of Steve in this vid. Now you know where, when and how to get yourself a copy - come on down on the Ninth of August.. IN FACT SIGN UP BELOW IF YOU'RE THINKING OF BOUNCING DOWN

Eight Rounds Rapid/Tupenny Bunters/Podrophenia - at The Railway


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