Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Saturday Night Tweeter - Happy Holidays in The Sun (aka Jehoovers Witness)

So, sitting in the kitchen of a Saturday evening with a few scoops, a few tunes, and thumbing through Facebook updates - I stumble across this picture of a local electrical shop (Sales Appliances, Westcliff) by Sam McDonagh, and, within a blink, share Sam's shot on the Twitter. Which, at the time - seemed to be probably the most flat-line time to repost, with bods either being out and about, or tucked up indoors for cozier doings

I couldn't have been more wrong - a few clicks of the clock later, and notification alerts were pinging in by the second.. comments , responses and retweets. By Sunday and with a run of Celtic flavored names commenting on the picture, noticed the story had been picked up by The Daily Edge in Ireland... 

Monday saw usvsth3m feature my pictures (now with added a stable and star) and an interview with the shop owners. Shortly after that - The Poke The Scotsmen were on it,  BBC local  and BBC national

By Monday evening and nearly 3,500 RTs and 300,000 views of Sam's original picture later - London paper The Metro were checking in on our festive chums. And today sees the Essex Chronicle The Huffington Post ,Charlie BrookerCaitlan Moran  - and The Sun spotlighting the nativity scene  (with self and Mrs M reflected in the window)

I wouldn't normally endorse anything to do with the shadowy world of  Murky Murdoch - but as the picture supports a local electrical business, was originally shot by Sam from Argosy Toys and most importantly the display is in aid of HARP - Southend's Homeless Charity -  that pretty much seems to sum up the essence of Christmas to me.

As a festive epilogue, why not donate to HARP hereabouts 

New testimonials...... from the Daily Mirror (top) and Metro. - shouts on Chris Evans breakfast show, the Express and ITV News and local paper The Echo confirms Henry is viral:official

Today's #nationalanthem is about a Henry Hoover Nativity Scene in a shop window. Can you think of a song? The link: http://t.co/gYdZdVUAvH

Friday the 12th - Henry makes HIGNFY...


John Medd said...

The inscription above the cross reads 'Inri'.

Dave Collins said...

'Will they be nailing Henry to a cross for easter' - was a Q from the Irelanders!