Thursday, January 23, 2014

Radio Podrophenia - Bif Bam Kapow

BIF! Boys, girls, what-nots and rockers.. tonight, Piley and I return to Shipful of Bombs for the January instalment of our 12 part Podrophenia partwork, where, we're joined by Kate Johnston of the Girl's Guide II blog for a round-up of fave new tunes...

BAM! It's all a'popping from 8 Southend Central time. Tune in at Shipful of Bombs, or chip in at Chatwing

I can't tell you what's on the Piley playlist. But from my six pack expect: The Strypes, Primal Scream, a Norman Watt-Roy/Wilko team up and the Vitamin Beard powered Kadavar..

POW! Should you fancy catching one one half of the Podrophenia duo double-decking, swing by The Railway tomorrow night where the Oil City powered outfit Bif Bam Pow will be booming around the room with a two-set stint of Estuary fed blues and R 'n' B belters...

I'll be pinging in soul, funk, Motown, Norther, hammond classics, boogaloo, Ye Ye and anything else grabbable from my beaten and battered old record box until bunging out time..

All the deets and details are here - and I'll hope to see you there

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