Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Vive Le Rocking

The minty new edition of that most Rock 'n' Roll of magazines is now on sale at all in-the-know newsagents and records shops..

Vive Le Rock ish seventeen brings you up to date with all the latest news from punk, rock and new wave heavy-hitters. The Stranglers, Adam Ant, and Marc Almond interviewed by Friend of the PM Blog - Barry Cain.. You can catch a second part of the Marc interview on Barry's always excellent Flexipop! blog here

As well as Sid vicious, the Stones and Wilko features  there's an update on what's a popping with our pals The Mutants mentioned last in the summer of '13

Contributions from me include reviews of newbies from Nightmare Boyzzz and The Peckham Cowboys re-issues by Daniel Ash and The Damned's Tikki Nightmare DVD/CD combo, a spitfire set with one of my cherished Damned tunes - at their most psych-poppily splendid..

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