Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another Kind of Blues

Your recommended reading for the month of May: two issues from both the blue and dayglo ends of the musical spectrum…

Vive Le Rock: fizzing and frothing with the best in punk, new wave and ska – has a spectacular multi-pager on 1979 and the development of power-pop, post punk, two tone and new wave. Dig about the back pages and you’ll find me reviewing two Nine Below Zero albums, two from Mickey Jupp - and scoring the Dr Who/Roger-Wilko album with a perfect ten…

The Blues Magazine: spotlights the 1964 American Folk, Blues And Gospel Caravan tour of the UK, catches up with Jack Bruce, Sharon Jones, Henry Gray, introduces Bob Log III - and has some Southend based ‘erbet reviewing the Dave Higgs Memorial gig at Canvey’s legendary Oysterfleet venue..

A second (and different) review had been filed with VLR - but didn't seem to make the final edit - but nothing goes to waste round these parts - so relive the night, above and below

Dave Higgs Memorial Show: The 45s/Eddie and The Hot Rods – the Oysterfleet, Canvey

Across the tracks and Benfleet Creek to the sub-sea level flatland of Canvey Island with its skyline of industrial angles and refinery flames to celebrate and remember Eddie and the Hot Rods guitar whizz-kid Dave Higgs – check out the Rod’s romper-stomper ‘Ignore Them’ to hear Dave’s full throttle fretting. It’s an all-star evening at the legendary Oysterfleet with attendees flying in from New York and Newcastle to pay tribute. First up and firing like a snipers rifle – Canvey’s adopted sons The 45s in an explosion of vintage riffs and sulphate tempo R ‘n’ B with the amp-battering clang and dynamics of the Small Faces or John’s Children, and endorsed with the Feelgoods seal of approval, when bassist Sparko joins the band for Roxette and She Does it Right.

The Hot Rods set is double A side affair. The current line-up thundering through heads-down Bam-a-Lama, with an unrelentingly energetic Barrie Masters coming across like a denim-clad David Johansen, But the second set is where the action goes postal –with most of the original Hot Rodders joined by special guests Tony Cranney, Russ Strutter, Lew Lewis, Steve Weston and Paul Gray, gathering together for crowd-rousing encores of Woolly Bully and Get Out of Denver

Both mags are available from all in the know newsagents

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