Thursday, April 24, 2008

And The Winner is.......

Mick with a stealthy 6 points who wins a trip back in time here..

Simon also deserves a shout for his healthy 4 score as well.

Perhaps it was a bit of a toughy in places - due to some 'local knowledge' tracks that were club hits at Crocs and few other South East/London venues. Hats not off, but tilted at a rakish eighties (over one eye)angle to everyone else who had a pop at this piece of pop puffery.

So, the final chart rundown then ..

All clips were from Standard 12" versions execept where in italics

80s 12" Teaser

Click on any of the answers for a full length youtube refresher...

Spandau Ballet - The Freeze

Visage - Night Train

Bow Wow Wow - Chihuahua

Simple Minds - I Travel

Divine - Love Reaction
No it wasn't Blue Monday but Divine and Bobby O's 'hi-NRG' rip off

ABC - The Look Of Love
From the semi offical club remix, as used in this vid'

Pete Shelley - Telephone Operator

Bollock Brothers - The Bunker

Yazoo - Situation
It does sound an awful lot like Axel F in places.

Gary Numan - Music For Chameleons

Japan - Quiet Life

Gina X - No GDM

And as an extra - probably my fave tune from this selection.
I'm not really a fan of SM, but this track is more Moroder/Cerrone than their usual proto U2 antheming.

Simple Minds - 'I Travel (Remix)'


Mick said...

FFS I've got the Music For Chameleons 12" and No GDM on 7" so I really should have got them. I was planning on posting some Gina X with some Fashion because she appeared on Love Shadow. Probably still will when I can find time to rip them.

Mondo said...

There you go - didn't I say you'd kick yourself about number 10?

And Gina X what a cracker, It still sounds so great. It's Zeuss B Held that does it - Those Fashion tunes along with...

Set The Tone - Dance Sucker
Blue Rondo - Me and Mr Sanchez (or Klakto)
Mystery Girls - Ash In Drag

Are on my list of must track down tunes

Suzy Norman said...

I love, love, love it when people share their 12 inches. Good man.

davyh said...

I think Mr Mick did bloody well there, Music For Chameleons notwithstanding - I knew chuff all of these except the completely bleedin' obvious Japan one. Curses!

Simon said...

When Mick said Spandau I was all "bloody hell so it is" especially as I've got that one. And I thought it might be Bow Wow Wow, but as I've only got Candy and Go Wild I wasn't sure.

The others though although I remember the names were completely off my radar at the time.

PM: Blue Rondo A La Turk? Lol; my school really was a hip old place. The Kemp Brothers I've mentioned going there elsewhere, but Chris Sullivan and Christos Tolera from Blue Rondo were from my school. They were in the 6th form when I started and used to hang around art classes when I was there. Christos taught me perspective and shading ...

Mondo said...

RE - It's so tempting, but no - I will put the Finbarr Saunders handbrake on..

Davey - Mr Mick put in a stirling performance. Can you believe I was actually worried this might have been too easy (probably as I knew all the answers) - you should have seen the tracks that got the bounce.

Simon - the only celeb from our school was Paul Webb from Talk Talk (bass), wasn't Chris Sullivan from Blue Rondo Welsh? 'Love Reaction' and the ABC remix were a bit crafty - but I thought you may have known 'Situation'

Simon said...

I love Situation - it's so obvious that the techno heads of the later 80s loved that tune too. The breakdown to just bass in the's sounds like so many of the tunes I used to hear clubbing during 88-90.

Chris Sullivan was Welsh, but he was at our 6th form. There were a whole gang of them all dressed up in typical Blitz fashion. And then around the corner was the London College Of Fashion. I suspect most of the crowd in the clubs at that point came from those places, much like a lot of punk came from Bromley. Of all places...

After that point the only famous pupils at our school were Zammo from Grange Hill and Danny from Hearsay. Actually only Zammo...

Mick said...

You all know the era most of the records on my blog come from so I'd be embarrassed if i didn't get a half decent score.

No musicians at my school but we had an actress in Crossroads and a police woman shot by Libyan terrorists.

Cocktails said...

That 'No GDM' track is fantastic. Looks like I need a good compilation of Gina X and the like - any recommendations?!

Simon said...

You a Wiltshire boy then Mick? My wife's from Trowbridge; that's where we got married.

Mondo said...

Simon - I thought he was Welsh, as my cousin's other half was really good mates with Chris Sullivan back in Wales(her best mate is Bevis Frond whose best mate was Adam Ant when they were kids).

Mick - how exciting if it had been the other way round and there'd been a terrorist in 'Crossroads'

Cocktails - I don't think there are any Gina X comps but fill your boots with this, for more of the same

Mick said...

I'm a Dorset boy, Simon, but from the pointy bit of Dorset between Wiltshire and Somerset.

rockmother said...

Arse arse and arse! How much am I kicking myself?!

Anonymous said...

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