Tuesday, February 15, 2011

12 x 12: When your world is full of strange arrangements

And there's no stranger arrangement than this semi-official, white label Look of Love twelve inch. Trevor Horn - the Joe 90 of pop production - punches every programme on the rinse 'n' spin remix machine: backward loops, varispeed vocals and Fairlight slams make this something of a pop curiosity from the ABC catalogue. Although the whirring blur and boom-box beats all pull tidily into place by the closing coda.

ABC - Look of Love 12" (Special Remix) *offline temporarily*

A Merchant Banker Bonus

I’ve seen the future, I can’t afford it.

Yuppiedom and Sloanies come full circle. With the Blue Meanies in office, tax hikes, library closures, charity snatching and the privatisation of forests (oi Cameron get off our land) and billion pound banker bonuses -  this undervalued tune fits the mood of the moment perfectly

ABC - How To Be A Millionaire 12" (Wall St Mix ) *offline temporarily*

The regulation 7 inch edish, sounds like.....

ABC - How To Be A Millionaire
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davyh said...

If all of that 80s malarkey is coming back, does that mean big hair will too? You'll be OK with your trademark feathercut but I'm not sure I'm up to it at my age.

Word verif = 'disha'

Kolley Kibber said...

My word, they were 'busy' tunes, weren't they? How the hell did we ever dance to them?

Mondo said...

I've noticed the style of skinny black jeans I favoured in the 80s populating the high street Davy. Although song-wise - synthy stabs, neon pallets and wacky wardrobes of now-wave sounds are OK - but these half-decent pop constructs, can never match legends like: the League, ABC, or Soft Cell.

And God forbid leg-warmers (for men) and moustaches(for men) or mullets (either) get revived.

Robot Dancing covers all those clunky jerks and spins ISB. Although this Look of Love remix actually makes me feel quite queasy for the first six minutes

John Medd said...

I remember Lexicon Of Love being the LP of choice for hi-fi retailers up and down the land to demonstrate their turntables - later usurped by Brothers In Arms when CD players first hit the UK.

Unknown said...

Ahhhh, most excellent!

Mondo said...

And then Madonna's Ray of Light album John. In particular, Frozen. Every time I had a peep in Rayleigh Hi-Fi it was on the boom.

Dig about the net Miss P and you'll find some great Abagail's Party mixes of ABC's Vanity Kills track

BPP said...

I wish the evil Blue Meanies weren't back in charge. I miss being banned from doing things.

Mondo said...

Get yourself an earful of this revolutionary R 'n' B BPP - you'll feel like pitching a fire extinguisher from a rooftop. Thee Faction

Piley said...

most 12" mixes were awful, and simply seemed to combine the 7" vocal with the 7" instrumental!

Soft Cell used to do some of the best 12" mixes, with actual added verses.