Tuesday, September 13, 2011

D is for Diamonds, Dogs and...

The original DDartwork - by Guy Peellaert, the artist, clocked by Bowie on this Stones cover

The Great Dame...also Dick Dale (the shout of Johnny Medd) - perhaps The Damned, but certainly our first live studio session from Canvey's Darren Jones, and a monthly round-up from Fi Jacobs of what's on at Southend's most Rock 'n' roll local - The Railway Hotel

All tonight from 9 on Chance Radio.. I'm opening with Diamond Dogs - the K-tel edit versh - snipped to fit the Best of Bowie. Lend an ear below and see if you can spot which bit of Dogs got lopped off

David Bowie - Diamond Dogs (the K-tel edit versh)



Miss Peelpants said...

One of my favourite Bowie photoshoots!

Mondo said...

Great isn't it - you can catch the exact same clobber in action here