Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pop Quiz: Music for Schools and Colleges

Piley and I go back to school this evening, not in the literal sense, but by assembling a register of 12 tunes to be called tonight: XTC, Ben Folds Five, The Casanovas and a legendary blues-grinder gets on the good 'n' funky foot - but who is it ? Find out from 9 on Chance Radio.

Subjects on the timetable for chat and natter are likely to include..film's/TV we've never seen. School based songs/bands...Prefect Day, Dexy's Cross Country Runners - you get the idea...

But for today's test, which  Schools and College progs were these the themes for?


Nearly but not quite as there's too much noodle-doodle do for tonight's doings



Artog said...

I haven't got a clue which programmes the tunes are from but I love the second one, very reminiscent of something. I thought at first it'd be Nick Drake or similar, but then I got it - Some Sad Someone by the Wonderstuff. Well, a bit anyway.

Mondo said...

I don't know why, but since the recent blogger template changes my formatting seems to go in and out of whack - and I think the first tune's disappeared (streaming audio is blocked at work - so I can't see properly)

The slower number also doubled up as the theme to Moody and Peg ?

davyh said...

Both streaming OK from here Mond, not that it helps me get the first one. The second I certainly remember - was it a programme called 'Watch' ?

John Medd said...

Those Look Around You boys got it spot on, didn't they?

There's a rumour going round the playground that Macca's knocking at the door and ringing the bell. I think somebody's gonna open the door and let 'im in.

Mondo said...
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Mondo said...

You'll know the first one Davy, theme two is this. Although the track is actually more famil' than the programme..

You can grab both here

Was it this you were after J?

Ishouldbeworking said...

I nailed the second one as 'Moody and Peg' (don't remember it being used elsewhere, but it obviously got recycled like the Grange Hill theme, which I once saw put to vigorous use in a 1980s porno.).

The first one was familiar but eluded me. Nice to see the old graphic again though.

Mondo said...

I don't remember Moody and Peg at all, even after seeing the intro in the link above...

That Grange Hill theme is red ringed (if you excuse the turn of phrase) for inclusion in tonight's Radio gubbins

Simon said...

heh, the slower one also influenced a very well known singer-songwriter-guitarist somewhat.

Go here:


Mondo said...

On a similar riff these too


and the Answers are

Tune 1 - Stop, Look and Listen. (pre-Chris Tarrant voice over era, but no clips are available)

Tune 2 - My World.
(vid clip in the 6th comm)