Friday, November 18, 2011

Dear Diary:1980 - November

Without question - the most muted month in the history of Dear Diary doings. As the action switches (temporarily) to the trusty ol' Silvine notebook - where the news is...

Coming 105th in Cross Country Run (and some poor puffing shunters 'got lost' apparently). Well it was through the woods. And who knows - some of those runaway nags may still have been on the gadabout.
On the 8th: a trip to Leigh, buying Adam's King's album and,  where we pop in to see Liz Karslake whose older sister (Jo) later became Mrs Ron Wood

Everybody's favourite Science Teacher Mr Hamilton - spent a lump of the lesson unravelling and popping holes in the baggy formulas and theories that made up Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World. A trip to nan's for Pie and Mash (also Sounds and The Unexplained too).

And how about this - pals Andy Hampson and Barney pop up as presenters on TV's musical yoof show - Something Else. Dexy's Midnight Runners were the turn on this episode and you can catch a Dexy's extract from this exact edition below. Calendar-wise. It's the return of our school year's lumpy chums Mullen and Turnidge who 'went mad'. Although there's no anecdotal evidence to support this - I suspect 'narking' them was probably the root truth of the meltdown.

Records bagged were Kings of the Wild Frontier and The Black Album. Two albums that, for me, were Narnian wardrobe moments of other worldliness and portals to punk/new wave's potential possibilities and technicolour dreamscapes, that left formulaic punk fodder seeming generic, dated and faded. A bi-dynamic pairing which are equally, early outings in new wave experimentation  - and templates that stand as indicators and shapers of the 80s fads and fashions that followed: new romanticism, narcissism, new-wave-goes-pop, guitar twang, psychedelic revival, 60s revisionism, goth.

Black Album not pictured - it's buried in the loft somewhere

Exactly 31 years on from buying these albums - I've seen most variations on both bands this year Adam (June), ex Ants -The Wolfmen (July) and last Saturday, The Damned recreating the Black album at The roundhouse (review here). The Damned, who've always delivered and never disappointed live are now, more polished and accomplished than ever. The Wolfmen take Adam's antics into new glam/garage areas. And Adam has compressed his characters into a composite rather than move on - but he hasn't lost it ( in a performance sense) either.

Two tasters from both then - The Damned's midnight cinematic shimmer, with a coda that always reminded me of  the Hooray for Harold Lloyd incidental music...

The Damned - Twisted Nerve

And Adam's feedback and drum-rumbling psychological self portrait  - that's perhaps King's closest relation to Dirk-era Ants

Adam And The Ants - Killer In The Home

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Ishouldbeworking said...

On 10.11.80, does that actually say 'flicked bogies around at dinner time'? You horrid boy!

Mondo said...

I believe it does. Disguting! Although not as disgusting as gobbing at gigs *gags like a cat with a furball*