Tuesday, December 6, 2011

G is for: ghosts, ghoulies and gremlins

Just over a month ago - well 1st of November to be exact Piley, myself and our three guests: local author Syd Moore, Roman Jugg (ex of The Damned) and Paul Pouch-of-Douglas were all ready to roll with the Halloween/horror edition of Radio Podrophenia.

The questions were prepared and the playlist had been picked - including one tune that's been the cause of some historical hi-jinks for Piley and I. It won't mention it by name (I daren't mention it by name) but will clue you in as much as it's the closing track to side one of Eno and Byrne's My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.

Previous spooky doings based around this art-rock oddity include: perfectly workable DJ decks going dead on the spot and flickery electrical faults and blow outs(captured on this podcast) - We've now become so superstitious about the tune and it's voodoo routines that we ran a should we/shouldn't we poll on Facebook. Of course the votes were all in favour of 'play not pass' - so, it got plonked on the playlist.

When Tuesday the 1st rolled around, it was more of a disappointment than surprise to find there would be no show that night! Why - an unknown electrical malfunction had taken the station out of action and off-air for the evening. Technical gremlins, pesky gremlins and variations on the gremlin themes were repeat motifs for the rest of the evening spent in the pub.

Although the last surprise was still to come - reviewing the a team photo - we spotted something odd over my shoulder. A stone gremlin. But not just any ol' gremlin. This was a musical gremlin - plonked atop a gramophone...and facing towards us - gurning at the group...

Left to right: Syd Moore, Roman Jugg, Piley, Paul P.O.D, me - our stonefaced lurker

Hopefully we'll be free of heavier level spookery as Syd Moore joins us for Take 2 tonight with a live reading from her debut novel the Drowning Pool. The perfect book for tucking into by a roaring winter fireside. If you haven't read it yet - check out my debut book review here at Plectrum - The Cultural Pick

Also joining us in Podrophenialand tonight is Fi Jacobs from the Railway Hotel for a bumper December edition of the Railway Roundup..

We're live from 9 on Chance Radio. And If you missed last week's edition (sport) - you can reserve a ringside seat for an action replay below..

Radio Podrophenia - Sport

Or via itunes

G - is also for Gallic a go-go...

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