Friday, January 27, 2012

Yacht to Trot

One my best of breed albums for 2011 was Yacht's Shangi-la. A review was readied for the 10th edition of Plectrum-The Cultural Pick, although space restrictions meant it couldn't be included - but, nothing goes to waste...

Following up on their debut album, Portland's finest pop-boffins Yacht return with Shangi-la, a collection of triple distilled listening. The new, New Wave of New Wave you could say - where the duo's inspirations and influences are worn like button badges of honour.

Lene lovich, Atomic-era Blondie and Giorgio Moroder are gathered together in the Yacht music library, with the key components being hand-picked and refined down to a distilled spirit. A drop of which is added to Yacht's hot-wired originals. The final blend is a creation of futurist-disco and android-electro - that booms, bleeps and buzzes its way into your internal hi-fi, repeat playing the album's key pieces. Yacht's house sound is Claire L. Evans kittenish vocals deployed as either dream-scrape drifts or street-corner bawling, twinned with skittery electro-funk - sitting somewhere between The Slits and The Tom Tom Club.

Love in the Dark, is Heart of Glass given a ghoulish re-spray in blood and glitter One Step is Gina X's flirtier sister fluttering her false eyelashes. And Paradise Engineering must be an absolute roof-raiser live.

In fact the word is from those in the know (Tronik Youth), who happened to catch them in action at the Hoxton Square Bar last summer - live, Yacht ramp Shangri-la's already pulsing base-build to super-charged new levels of snap, electri-crackle and pop.

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