Friday, January 6, 2012

Funky Friday - Bongo a go-go

The picture Birds in the Park can be spotted here

Hurrah for Mrs M and her list of infinite invention. I am a fussy bugger to buy for when it comes to Christmas and birthdays - yet on every occasion she comes up with some kind of wonderful. 

The lumpy bundle I guessed may have been a crate of booze, was unwrapped and revealed to be - bongos hurrah! (again). And I've been tip-tapping away, lost in the crazy rhythms on an almost daily basis since. A couple of patterns getting cribbed and copied have been from these found videos...

Vid A

Vid B

Two tunes perfect for practicing along to were found on Christmas/birthday CDs

Vid A: Lee Dorsey's voodoo grooves are a snug fit for 

Vid B: Habanera beat works a treat for

Victor Boa - Ruffles


Artog said...

They look lovely, the neighbours must be delighted.

My wife scored a direct hit this year, she got me a telescope.

Mondo said...

We've had no thumps on the wall yet - mostly it's the kids that bristle when I start up..

I've peeped at the moon through strong binoculars and that was stunning enough. So a a telescope - worra a treat.

Simon said...

Where I used to live, Stoke Newington has a pretty decent park, and Sundays in the summertime always had somebody with either some drums or an acoustic or both getting stoned/pissed as the sun went down banging on their drums.

Mondo said...

Percussion in the park - now there's an idea Simon *makes note for the next Leigh Folk Festival*