Friday, March 16, 2012

Live Tomorrow Night : The Len Price 3 and the Podr O'Phenia Roadshow

So what are your plans for St Patrick's Day - if the answer's nothing really/not sure/no idea - then shuffle yourself in the general direction of Southend's swingingest venue The Railway Hotel for an evening that promises to be an all out ring-a-ding shindig. And all free too!

Why? Well, local modernists Bif Bam Pow are opening the bill, Medway modernists the Len Price 3 are headlining it - and in between and around 'n' about the bands Piley and I will be bumbling about pulling plums and peaches from within the Podrophenia Record Library

I can't tell you what's on the playlist, as we don't know what's on the playlist - but will thumb a guess that it's likely to be pop-up parade of mod-rockers, soul stompers, jump blues, blue beat, funky covers, northern nuggets, garage a go-go and assorted obscurities and oddities.... Who knows we may even sling in a jingle or two
The Sonic Executive Sessions - Podrophenia jingle

Whether you're a grockel or a local  - why not come and keep us company and shake yourself a Podrophonic leg while taking in these two top rocking bands! We'd love to see you there!

Pssst - this is a shoo-in for my Soul Stompers run

Wooden Nickels - Nobody But You

You can taste the Len Price 3 and a possible playlist tune ( a TV theme given a twist - literally) in last Tuesday's Radio Podrophenia

Radio Podrophenia - Jobs

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