Friday, March 9, 2012

Funky Friday - Sitting on the Soul Step

One for the Surprisingly Funky file that had a run out on Tuedsay's Podrophonic doings was Gene Pitney's supremely stompy She's a Heartbreaker - all northern beats, swooping strings and electric sitar. And I do love an electric sitar...

It fits the riffs and runs of unexpected  thumpers we've pulled from the Podrophenia Record Library in  proceeding weeks, pacy takes from those you may not expect to step out on such a stealthily good foot - light entertainment bods that we've now sat on the Soul Step: Russ Abbott (on drums), Peters and Lee , Bruce Forsyth, and Cliff Richard,

Gene Pitney - She's a Heartbreaker

For an alt.trim on the track lend an ear to Dave Hunters shindig

Dave Hunter - She's A Heartbreaker

Most of these - quite possibly all of these, will be popped onto the playlist when Piley and I are dabbing about with the decks for the Len Price 3 gig, at The Railway next Saturday - which is a FREE!! gig...


ally. said...

he's always a hit is gene - we love him round here and i've somehow missed this stormer so thankyou most ever so dear.

Mondo said...

Glad it's rocking your groovy boots Ally - the album Dave Hunter versh comes from is well worth bagging x