Friday, June 15, 2012

When TV Smith can't take the call, Dial M for Mondo...

Ahead of the Retroman/Southend Punk/Radio Podrophenia team up that brings you a Punk Britannia Live on Friday 22nd June, at our town's most rock 'n' roll - The Railway, Southend's finest news provider the Evening Echo, was after a few words with Mr TV of Smith - who, proving his platinum plated punk credentials was:  unavailable for comment/on tour/fatigued (actually he was on holiday).

So who got the call for chat about the event - me! You can read all about it in the Scene section of next Wednesday's Evening Echo, courtesy of southend's jazz-singing journo Hannah Marsh.

Piley and I are on decks duties for next week's shakedown - what can you expect to hear from our combined playlists? Some glam, punk, garage, ska, rock oddities - perhaps even a bash of baggie and big beat. But be warned, I may try and whip this one in from my 'crates'..

And a nod for all the dad's past and present with Father's Day coming up

Joe Loss - Steptoe and Son

If you fancy a warm up for the TV Smith gig, fill your ears with this excellent podcast a TV special from the Retrosonic team..


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